GONT: "Crowd service" and "Crowd-support"

Hello! I'm Ilya from GONT.IO Today I'll talk about the first usecases – specific applications of the GONT platform for solving problems in real life. The development of modern technologies introduces new concepts. There were services, there were cloud services. There was a Funding and investment projects – they were developed in crowdining and crowd-investing. Continue reading “GONT: "Crowd service" and "Crowd-support"”

GONT: Application in the Real World

Hello! In this article I wanted to talk about the blocking platform GONT in terms of its real application for the Internet business and the real sector. As the new digital opportunities that will become available with the advent of the GONT platform, will help increase companies' capitalization and manufacturability for better results, and ordinary people integrate into this process and earn with the companies.

Analogy with the real world 

Imagine that you see NIKE AIR JORDAN V sneakers on the shelf. In order for them to find someone to design their design, someone made leather and fabric manufacture, someone made the rubber for the sole, someone ran the conveyor where they were put together , someone brought to the store and someone put it on the shelf. Imagine that sneakers are a product, the work needed for their production and delivery is micro services, the materials from which they are produced are digital assets. Now that such sneakers are on the shelf of the store, we first pay for materials and work for suppliers and then wait for them to buy and we were able to repay the costs. Continue reading “GONT: Application in the Real World”