The concept of SmartCoins based on GONT

The Smart Coins concept as an example of use of the GONT platform.

Greetings! In today’s short article we will talk about use of the GONT platform on the example of the concept of SmartCoins. We will talk about the payment function of GONT gas, the mechanism of transfer of ownership, as well as the structure of smart coins based on GONT.

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Full article about the week we have spent in Singapore with all the details, impressions and photos.

Hello everybody! This is Ilya from GONT.
This article is my personal experience of a business trip to Singapore for networking with the blockchain elite, local universities dealing with decentralization issues, venture funds and the registration of a local legal entity. I hope this information will be useful to you or your project, and due to the article you will learn something new about the roadshow in Singapore. Have a productive reading!

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Basics of GONT economy

Do you want to know more about the basics of GONT economy? Then read today’s article!

Hello everyone! In today’s article we are talking about the basics of the GONT economy: we will tell you about its objects, stages of entering a new service and how the exact calculation of gas consumption is carried out and the income from transactions is distributed. Enjoy!

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Results of the week

Do you want to know how far GONT has advanced in the last week? How quickly do we develop and what goals have we achieved? Read the article and stay tuned.

Greetings, friends! Last week the GONT team was in Singapore! Do you want to know what we were doing there? In today’s article we will tell you what we managed to visit and with whom to meet. We will also share news, successes and plans for the future.

Keep up with our latest updates and stay in touch, because now there will be even more news: the traditional column “Results of the week” will be published in the format of two articles. One will be devoted to collaborations and social media, the other – to the technological progress of the GONT company.

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