KANT System

About KANT system, cluster structure of cores, GPS protocol and more.

Greetings, colleagues! Let’s start a new work week with an article about KANT system in GONT. In addition to this one, you can also read about Super-KANT.

Cluster structure of GONT VM cores

Initially, the gVM has the ability to have a hybrid structure and hence the ability to support many different blockchains (even with different gas structures!).

The main concept is the concept of a cluster.
Clusters display the input JIT code for various executive sets of “quarks”. Quarks are real “iron” instructions of cores.

The analog of the mapping of gas to “quarks” is the technology of Trace cache and microcode from Intel.


VM_STATE is the state of the virtual machine.
TR_STATE is the state of the transaction.

TR fulfillment model 
Evolution of TR_STATE relative to VM_STATE inside gVM.

VM_STATE is determined by the state of all registers. Depending on the chosen quark model, the registers can be different (MultiReg virtual machines). For example, registers for quarks ARM, VLIW, etc

Entering the idea of KANT

  • Through the KANT system GONT describes itself.
  • KANT is the “Genesis” description of GONT.

GONT VM consists of a matrix of independent gVMs between which there is a routing of the request packet. One request (code with transactions) can be partially fulfilled in different gVMs. At the end the result is aggregated. In case if all transactions in all cores have reached the COMMIT state.

KANT to implement routing between gVM cores

Logical routing levels inside the GONT VM
Let’s consider several logical routing levels:

The concept of the GONT Oracle ONTO is mapped on L1 and L2.

GPS protocol

GPS = GONT Processors States

The evolution of the transaction consists of two parts: TREVAL inside gVM + routing between gVM.

Evolution of the transaction together with routing implement the GPS protocol. In this case, rollback of transactions can occur at any time before the TOTAL COMMIT state is reached.

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