Results of the week

Do you want to know how far GONT has advanced in the last week? How quickly do we develop and what goals have we achieved? Read the article and stay tuned.

Greetings, friends! Last week the GONT team was in Singapore! Do you want to know what we were doing there? In today’s article we will tell you what we managed to visit and with whom to meet. We will also share news, successes and plans for the future.

Keep up with our latest updates and stay in touch, because now there will be even more news: the traditional column “Results of the week” will be published in the format of two articles. One will be devoted to collaborations and social media, the other – to the technological progress of the GONT company.


Last week, we not only visited the Russian-Singapore Business Forum, we have already talked about in the previous “Results of the week”, but also organized a number of business meetings. We managed to establish contacts with some Singapore funds, that invest their money in IT and, in particular, in blockchain projects.

We also held a number of productive meetings with Russian funds and fixed up some meetings with them in Moscow this week. By the way, one of the funds is the FRII fund.

During the last week, several meetings were held with Sudima company. We have outlined plans for further cooperation and also discussed the possibility of creating a specific case for the company based on the GONT platform, which Sudima can apply in their real business. The company is ready to attract a technological grand in the amount of $ 1-2 million to implement such a project!

We managed to visit Acronis company (the company that developed system solutions for corporate and home users to work with hard disks, backup data, manage operating systems, edit disks, destroy data, and other system tools) and get acquainted with its co-founder.

We also had a chance to meet a person, who was close to Lee Kuan Yew (former Singaporean state politician, first prime minister of the Republic of Singapore, one of the founders of Singapore’s “economic miracle”).

During numerous meetings and conferences we also received positive feedbacks in support of the relevance of the idea of ​​GONT technology. We are on the right track!

As a result of teamwork with designers last week, we released good, high-quality materials. You can find them on our official website.


Let us introduce you CEO of GONT project in Singapore – Alexander Blinov! He officially joined the company as the local director of GONT in Singapore. Our team is growing up!


We are waiting for the registration of the GONT company. After the official registration we will open our own account. It’s right around the corner!

Social media

That week we released 5 articles, 2 news and 2 digests, which, as always, were published in all our groups. In addition, we published new articles to and Forum bitcointalk also continues to replenished with announcements and news of the company.

We are planing to release an article dedicated to the week in Singapore with all the impressions, details and photos. In addition, a small video about the trip will be released. Don’t miss it!

Thank you for attention! Good luck!

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