Basics of GONT economy

Do you want to know more about the basics of GONT economy? Then read today’s article!

Hello everyone! In today’s article we are talking about the basics of the GONT economy: we will tell you about its objects, stages of entering a new service and how the exact calculation of gas consumption is carried out and the income from transactions is distributed. Enjoy!

Objects of the GONT economy

1) AlGas
Alternative gas.
GONT gas, produced by the emergence of new services and the injection of meanings in GONT Space.

2) Geiger Counters
Geiger counters for calculating gas consumption.
GONT Space is also needed for correct accounting of gas consumption.

3) Transactions (TR)
TR and nested TR.
Transactions are the basis of produced work and money equivalent.

4) Atoms – GONT Processors
GONT processors that perform service transactions.

Crystal lattice.
There could be a lot of processors and they form a kind of crystal lattice, when they combine into factories.

6) Mining

7) God given models
Evolutionary models.
Sequences of execution of transactions in services. Determined by life.

For example, the chain of “Evolution” for the service “Elections”:
{Registration – Voting – Signature} = Evolution of transactions

Entering a new service into the economy and encouragement to earnings

1) The user comes up with a new service and the meanings of the service.

2) The user injects the meanings (all knowledge of the service) into the GONT Space Tree.

3) The processor is automatically assembled and the gas consumption is calibrated.

The meaning of the calibration is to understand how much electricity will be burned by one new gas transaction, and calculate its cost price before introducing it into services.

Geiger counters will keep a record of gas consumption during the service operation based on data from the processors:

1) LOG information and statistics of the implementation of all instructions.
2) TRACE – transaction data.

TxFee calculation

It is necessary to understand how much money it should be taken from users of services. The exact calculation of gas consumption is carried out by Geiger Counters at the PROC FAB nodes.

Further, the revenue from transactions is distributed in the following proportions:

1) Owner of IP gas
Has appeared due to the introduction of the gas market in GONT.

2) Node Holder
A factory holder with processors. Most likely, a certain Data Center.

3) The owner of the service
The one who provides service to end customers.


Thank you for attention! See you in the next articles.

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