The concept of SmartCoins based on GONT

The Smart Coins concept as an example of use of the GONT platform.

Greetings! In today’s short article we will talk about use of the GONT platform on the example of the concept of SmartCoins. We will talk about the payment function of GONT gas, the mechanism of transfer of ownership, as well as the structure of smart coins based on GONT.

An example of using GONT is the concept of SmartCoins

Let’s consider the concept of Smart Coins through the space

1. Payment function of the GONT gas

The payment function of GONT gas is delegated to a physical coin.

SmartCoins operate by analogy with subway tokens and launch a smart service to work. In the “smart coin” the physical bits of the crypto currency and service transactions are also registered. We can say that this is a hybrid, that is fully described in GONT.

2. Functionality

After the “drop” of the smart coin into the service, the factory of processors of this service begins to work.

The service works, performs coin transactions and spends altcoyins from the coin store! And all this in one coin file !!!

3. Structure of SmartCoins based on GONT


The structure of “smart coins” is coded in GONT !!!

4. Transfer of ownership of a coin

After performance of a work, that is equivalent to the value of a coin, the ownership of the coin passes to the owner of the service.

The mechanism of transferring ownership is described in the GONT article – GONT and inventory ownership.

Coin in GONT:
It should also be noted that the GONT approach is a physical coin provided by all services from the GONT space.

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