Theoretical basis of GONT vol.1

Do you want to be one step ahead like GONT? Read today’s article!

Hello everyone! In today’s article we will discuss the theoretical basis of GONT. We will talk about the virtual machine, our goals and GONT approach. We also will tell you what is the difference between Ethereum and GONTChain concepts. You can find articles on the practical application of GONT technology at the pages of our blog as well.

Ethereum Vs. pure code of Satoshi Nakamoto

We need to start with the fact that that the main difference between Ethereum [] and the pure code of Satoshi Nakomoto [for example, Multichain:] is the input of the SmartVM virtual machine to execute smart contracts over the traditional PoW Blockchain.

Smart contracts are compiled from the Solidity language into a special binary code that is sent for execution in the Ethereum environment SmartVM (EVM). All this makes it possible, in particular, to hold “ICO on Ethereum”. If Vitalik Buterin had not introduced SmartVM, then the entire ICO business would simply not exist.

Also ABI interface interaction with the contract [ABI] is published in the public domain. i.e open access interface to the work of SmartVM.

GONT approach

GONT is one step ahead of Ethereum, when working with the virtual machine (VM)! Developing Ethereum’s philosophy a few steps further, we introduce the following into GONT:

1) GONT VM. Autonomous machines for implementing PoS with PoW support.

2) GONT Chain. A global blockchain based on the code of Satoshi Nakomoto, which also simultaneously seamlessly integrates with GONT VM to reset PoS sub-chains to the global PoW chain.

It should be noted that for optimal integration you need to start building your global Blockchain.

Our goals

Goal 1 – building local “Universes”.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposes to change the infrastructure of the sharding, dividing the network into a base layer and other “universes”. On smaller layers, you can introduce more aggressive changes, and careful changes should be introduced in the main blockchain. In other “universes” everything can run much faster.

GONT Space + GONT VM – the basic tools for building those “Local Universes”.

Goal 2 – the concept of “VM Decoupling”.

The goal is to eliminate the tight attachment of the VM to the miner. In order to switch-over to the genuine PoS, you need to remove the SmartVM and software miner bindings. VMs also need to become decentralized!

Let’s consider the concepts of Ethereum and GONTChain and find out what is the difference between them:

The fact that VMs are tightly tied to the miner’s machine makes it difficult to implement genuine PoS consensus.

GONT Approach:
Entering the concept of “VM Decoupling” gives you the opportunity to go to the genuine PoS and the concept of “Local Universes”.


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