About the application of GONT technology for Sudima company.

Greetings, friends! Today’s article describes uses of GONT blockchain technology, which are possible for a commercial international company SUDIMA. Have a productive reading!

In general, the main advantages of blockchain technology for operating commercial business are:

  1. The opportunity to save on transactions through the introduction of transparent automatic billing (billing, monetization).
  2. Ability to reduce loss costs with the help of independent arbitration (escrow).

A blockchain platform that exists outside the framework of one organization (even a private blockchain network located on the nodes of more than one company) can be a tool for resolving corporate issues between those companies that host blockchain nodes.

This is ensured by the essence of the blockchain technology, which in fact is a database distributed over any number of nodes, the information in which is recorded once and for all. Moreover, information cannot be deleted or changed without breaking into 51% of network nodes.

In the particular case, even if the blockchain network is deployed between two or more companies (B2B) to arbitrate any events between them, one company will not change the data in any way. To do this the company will have to hack nodes that are in the office of another company.

Another special case is the blockchain network between users and companies (B2C), which will allow a company to use other people’s resources, counting billing through the blockchain.

The third special case is the blockchain network between companies and the government (B2G), which allows arbitration of events, documents and information, saving time and money on bureaucratic matters.

Application of IoT 

Let’s consider the B2C blockchain network and how with its help SUDIMA can increase the level of control over the logistics of goods. GONT makes it possible to expand the IoT space of sensors for monitoring all parameters of the load using the sensors of ordinary users located in the global ontology of the GONT platform. Resources described as the core of the virtual machine. For business, this means that you can use the private sensors of millions of people and rent the sensors of other companies using the fully automatic transparent billing of the GONT blockchain platform. Due to the absence of third-party commissions and the need for routine accounting, it becomes more profitable than developing its own IoT direction for cargo monitoring.


Let’s consider a B2B blockchain network between SUDIMA and its suppliers, buyers and intermediary companies (for example, a cargo insurer). The blockchain network GONT can perform ESCROW, collecting and analyzing information about all goods in real time. Upon the occurrence of any adverse events, GONT will objectively determine at what stage it happened (the data fall into the system and cannot be changed) and accurately determine the side that is responsible for this. GONT will produce an automatic billing (will write off the insurance amount from the balance inside the GONT platform from the insurance company, supplier or customer).

Guaranteed ESCROW makes it possible to reduce costs in a B2B or B2G document flow, which can reduce cargo downtime, damage, etc. However, B2G implies acceptance of the use of the blockchain for document flow and automatic billing by the government. It necessitates a change in legislation and cannot be implemented quickly.


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