Theoretical basis of GONT vol.2

Do you want to know what options of virtual machine placement exist? Read the article!

Hello everyone! In today’s article we will talk about basic options of placement of a virtual machine. Have a productive reading!

VM placement options

There are several basic scenarios for hosting a virtual machine (VM) after generating a service:

1) Masternode.
Masternode is an analogue of placement with the miner. Here we must completely repeat the interface of interaction between SmartVM and Ethereum or adapt it.

It is necessary to take into account that VM influences the change of the states of the global chain. The VM interface with the global chain must be “time tested” for proper operation. We must refer to the experience of the SmartVM-Ethereum bundle.

2) Service user.
This can be done as a regular Desktop application.

In this case, a full VM decoupling from the miner occurs. But even in this case, the VM continues to participate in the PoS consensus service.

The physical meaning of VM decoupling is that all interested participants of the service (only this service and no other) in one degree or another become participants of the PoS, i.e. validators of the whole possible evolution space of this service.

By evolution space we should understand the following: laws (rules) of increments for all sub-chains of a service with new blocks with transactions. At the same time, all these rules are clearly spelled out in the smart contracts of this service.

It should be noted that there may be a lot of smart contracts of the service too!

Let’s introduce the concept of “evolutionary service resistance”. This is the formal integrity and controllability of all service operations, ensured by multiple verifiability. We build multiple verifiability and proof of the integrity of the service relative to the basic GONT Space, which is a kind of “Genesis” space for all possible evolutions of the service.

3) Elsewhere.
For example, through the opening of ABI interfaces.


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