Results of the week

Do you want to know how fast the company GONT is developing and what goals we have achieved over the past week? Read the article!

Hello everyone! By tradition, we continue to tell you about the key events of the past week and the success of the GONT team.

Social media

That week, as always, we continued to replenish our groups on social networks, the and platforms, as well as the bitcointalk forum with announcements and news of the company. 3 articles, 3 news and 2 digests were published.

On our official website appeared section “Articles and videos.” Now you can track new materials not only in groups, but also go to the blog page or YouTube channel directly, without looking up from reading the Whitepaper.


Our advisers Konstantine Stowolosow and Hans Koeleman held a series of productive meetings in Singapore last week. They were able to meet and discuss the project with Akbar Kader (VC Rekanext), Ronnie Wee (VC IncuVest), Olzhas Zhyenkulov (Paladigm Capital), they also attended an event organized by Michael Tay.

Rekanext likes what we do. They are ready to help us in all endeavors and support our ideas. IncuVest has big interest in the GONT project. We look forward to further cooperation. It should be noted that the company helps startups by providing them with office space and infrastructure to prepare for meetings with investors, they work very close with government, universities and the business community. Colleagues from Paladigm Capital are also investing in small startups. They liked our presentation and the project as a whole, therefore at the moment we are trying to develop the contacts we received.

All last week we also established contacts with investors in Moscow.

Thank you for attention! Good luck!

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