New models of mining and consensus

In this article we will consider new models of mining and consensus, give examples and answer questions. Enjoy!

Greetings! Today’s article continues a series of descriptions of possible applications (services) for the adaptive GONT consensus using alternative gas. In the first part we will talk about new models of mining and consensus. Have a productive reading!

We need to start with the fact that the goal of GONT is to build a new model of proof of work, but it is more universal and applicable in practice than zk-SNARK (autumn 2018). The disadvantage of zk-SNARK is that building proof of work (without work) is potentially just as difficult as doing the work itself.

GONT’s global interest lies in adaptive hardware consensus, sharding, and hardware accelerators. This AppNote should be a practical example for building a mathematical model and working out adaptive consensus in GONT.

New models of mining. New consensus models.

New model for mining
It is the involvement of miners in rendering to create a new market.

A new model for mining recently appeared on the Ethereum Foundation channel and it is worth considering. 

Model: PoW-battle of miners video + new competitive model for consensus !!!

The main video with the presentation can be viewed here:

Question: Is GONT optimal for new consensus models when there is a digression from canonical PoW? Do I need to change the “Seal Engine” in Ethereum for this?

You can read about the meaning of “seal a block” here: []

The competitive model proposed by the “Render Mining” model motivates the creation of new “iron” solutions. This is also possible in GONT!

Competitive work on finding hash in Ethereum PoW (ETHASH) is replaced by competitive computing work on rendering video (which is perhaps much more useful in real life). This is the general approach “to new types of competitive computing work” for advanced types of consensus. Thus, a new large research space appears.

GONT offers an even more advanced consensus – consensus at the level of individual chip units (hardware consensus GONT). AlGas economy in GONT is ideal for developers of new IP in the fabless area.

The expansion of the Ethereum application market in this paradigm will be very significant. Further we will try to show it in this AppNote.

Proof of business model

Is the PoW battle miners video business model?
Project financing – $ 4M.

Slow rendering in 3D Vue (as an example):

Large resolution (4K) for complex movie scenes results in a very slow rendering (clock for one picture). Rendering such images is very expensive: hundreds of dollars a day for computing resources. This, in turn, generates demand for accelerator chips.

We come to an alternative use of a graphics chip (GPU) for calculating graphics and for mining at the same time! Which is much more useful than just mining.


  • New “toy for miners” (in fact – a real business model!).
  • There is space for a new HW (chips within the GONT model).
  • There is a big demand from the “real world”.

    And most importantly: “mining video is much more profitable!”

Thank you for attention! Read a continuation in the next articles.

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