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Greetings, friends! In today’s article we will tell you what GPNP is, consider its architecture and tell you about the general idea. We will also consider the example of the Application Specific Transport domain. Enjoy!

What is GPNP?

GPNP = GONT Protocol Network Processor
GPNP = General Purpose Network Processor

It should be noted that GPNP is implemented at the Super-KANT level.

Parallel rendering leads to a (possibly) heavily distributed GVM container. Separate container boards may be located in different data centers.

One of the most important ideas of GONT (except for the AlGas decentralization and consensus hardware protection) is to reduce the energy consumption of the entire system. I.e. to solve the energy efficiency problem of blockchain.

For this we introduce a GPNP architecture that is able to adapt the consumption of chips for the load. This is one of the key tasks in the datacenter.

The GPNP architecture is a part of the Super KANT module (as a transport system connecting independent KANT solvers, that is, solvers belonging to different KANTs, in general).

And this leads to the need to support a common for all KANT protocol at the level of GPNP (in the GOYA cores).

GPNP general idea

Application Specific calculations require application specific data traffic.

If the KANT module provides application specific calculations, then GPNP implements the application specific packet traffic (ASTRO). Through the GPNP architecture the GONT.Agent modules are connected.

What does application specific packet handling mean?
Hierarchy within the transport SuperKANT system.

The GOYA core model in the GPNP architecture is presented below:

GOYA chip structure by GPNP architecture model

Distributed (in the GVM container) gVM cores in a purely software model are clustered into physical chips (FPGA) in a new “iron” model based on GPNP architecture.

And we are already starting to count on the physical level (there will be a separate visualization in the Cadence SoC Encounter).


Application Specific Transport domain in practice: “GPNP and the GONT Digital Trust concept.”

How does GPNP implement secure protocol?

GPNP supports encryption of data streams at the hardware level. At the same time, completely transparent data of applications in the usual Blockchain in GONT becomes completely private. For this, in SuperKANT, we maintain hardware-stitched tables of private keys.

Let’s consider the options for implementing GPNP for KANT and SuperKANT:

ASTRO – Application specific domains – Application Specific Transport.

  • For example, the specificity of transport to application domains (the ASTRO system) can be implemented precisely through gTILE.
  • Alignment of KANT protocol formats (universal compatibility in GONT economy).
  • Parsing application packages on the fly and clearing the memory of a calculator via DMA. As an example – PES packages for video.

GPS is used at the earliest (software) stage of development of the GONT. Application Specific Transport may not be encrypted in general. Then we do not use CryptoCores. SuperKANT adds specificity to the implementation of transport.

GPNP “wrapper” for gVM computing cores


GONT DataStream

  • Delivers an application-specific data stream to the GPNP.
  • Data can be encrypted using one of the crypto protocols (or protocol combinations).GDES
  • It is responsible for decrypting protected packets from the global GONT network.
    In the absence of encryption in the GDES application is not used.GDES stores a table of secret keys for the application.
    GDES supports various encryption protocols: EDS, AES, etc.


Thank you for attention! Stay tuned.

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