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Too much interesting news to talk only about one! Read our traditional digest in order to know about the current events of the crypto world.

Greetings! In today’s digest – artificial intelligence, blockchain is now more popular than cryptocurrency, $15 million funding for CryptoKitties creators, Tether confirms its new banking partner is Deltec Bank, CoinJoin developer sends largest-ever anonymous Bitcoin transaction. 

Artificial intelligence

The Maltese government has announced the formation of a taskforce to develop a national artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. Silvio Schembri announced the launch of the governmental initiative “,” stating that Malta is aiming to become a top AI nation. He said that the country would develop a friendly regulatory environment for AI much in the same way as it has done for blockchain technology.

After successfully positioning Malta as the ‘Blockchain Island,’ by being the first in the world to regulate DLT (distributed ledger technology) products and services, we now would like to position Malta amongst the top 10 countries in the world with an artificial intelligence policy.

Blockchain is now more popular than cryptocurrency

Following the massive hype cycle at the end of last year, Google Trends suggests the term ‘blockchain’ is gradually becoming a more popular search criteria than ‘cryptocurrency’.

“The resulting numbers are then scaled on a range of 0 to 100 based on a topic’s proportion to all searches on all topics,” Google explains.

$15 Million Funding for CryptoKitties Creators

Dapper Labs, the startup that spun out of parent firm Axiom Zen to continue working on CryptoKitties, has secured $15 million in funding. The round was led by Venrock and was joined by Google Ventures, SamsungNEXT and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), as well as names not normally associated with venture investing, such as the talent agency William Morris Endeavor and e-sports firm aXiomatic.

Ultimately, our mission here is to bring a billion people to the blockchain. We think blockchain has real value for consumers but we’re never going to get them to see that value by explaining it.

Tether confirms its new banking partner is Deltec Bank

Tether Limited, the company that is the issuer of the dollar pegged Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency, has announced a new banking relationship with Deltec Bank and Trust Limited that is headquartered in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The 72 year-old financial institution has accepted Tether Limited as a client after doing the necessary due diligence review of the company.

Tether limit also provided a letter from Deltec Bank and Trust Limited stating that the cash value of Tether’s account was $1,831,322,828. Comparing this figure with the circulating supply reported on ($1,776,421,736), we can conclude that Tether (USDT) is indeed backed by actual US Dollars.

CoinJoin developer sends largest-ever anonymous Bitcoin transaction

CoinJoin is a method of anonymizing bitcoins that developer Gregory Maxwell came up with in an effort to help bitcoin users remain anonymous. The idea is simple: when two users both want to make a transaction, if they make the transactions together, their information remains private or at least very hard to discern.

On yesterday’s 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin protocol as an idea (whereas the blockchain did not actually launch until January 2009), a CoinJoin worth over $200,000 took place. The join involved many participants, with the largest transaction in the bunch being nearly half the total volume transacted — 14.8 BTC moved to address bc1qqcrmkvp97ryyvfu3crp6883v5caunq6v2960sc.


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