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Greetings, colleagues! In today’s digest – the cleaning of the subscribers, French lawmakers to lower cryptocurrency tax, Israel’s Central Bank disapproves national digital asset, South Korean lawyers press govt for cryptocurrency laws, IBM and Seagate launch blockchain-based system.

The cleaning of the subscribers 

Twitter has begun to delete accounts associated with cryptocurrency projects. In cryptosuite it was associated with the cleaning bots participating in airdrop campaigns and cryptogamia, vymenivali from Twitter user means under the guise of celebrities, handing out cryptocurrency.

In the period from 29 October to 1 November, according to SocialBlade, cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and OKex lost almost 3,000 subscribers, Coinbase – 1929, Bitfinex – 1473, Bitstamp – 1247, OKCoin – 511, ICO project Stratisplatform – more than 840, and WePower – 755.

French Lawmakers to Lower Cryptocurrency Tax

French lawmakers have adopted an amendment to the 2019 budget bill that will cut capital gains tax on bitcoin sales to 30 percent from 36.2 percent. This will bring cryptocurrency transactions in line with other non-real estate assets, which are taxed at a flat rate of 30 percent.

Cryptocurrency taxes in Europe’s third largest economy reached 45 percent.

Israel’s Central Bank Disapproves National Digital Asset

An Israeli study group who was doing research on digital currency options, has recommended that the country’s central bank should not issue its own token. The study group was formed in November last year, by the governor of the Bank of Israel to examine the issue of central bank digital currencies.

Central banks around the world are examining the possibility of issuing digital currency and/or using distributed technologies in the payment systems, but no advanced economy has yet issued digital currency for broad use.

South Korean lawyers press govt for cryptocurrency laws

South Korea’s lawyers lobbied the government to quickly establish a legal framework to help develop the blockchain-based virtual currency industry and protect investors.
The government of South Korea has been criticised at home for ignoring blockchain technology.

We urge the government to break away from negative perceptions and hesitation, and draw up bills to help develop the blockchain industry and prevent side effects involving cryptocurrencies.

IBM and Seagate Launch Blockchain-Based System 

IBM and data storage firm Seagate have announced a joint initiative to fight counterfeit hard drives using blockchain technology. IBM and Seagate’s solution will work by updating the IBM Blockchain Platform on the IBM Cloud with product authentication data based on Seagate’s security solution Seagate Secure Electronic ID (eID), the latter of which creates a unique identifier at the point of manufacture that can later be used to verify the identity of a given hard drive at any point during its life cycle.

In conjunction with these two security layers from Seagate, the Hyperledger-powered distributed ledger framework that underpins IBM’s Blockchain Platform is geared to enabling various parties to add or edit blockchain data according to the level of their permissioned access.

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