Results of the week

Do you want to know how far GONT has advanced in the last week? How quickly do we develop and what goals have we achieved? Read the article and stay tuned!

Greetings, colleagues! We continue to share with you the key events of the past week and the success of the GONT company.

Social media

That week, as always, we continued to replenish our main groups on social networks, as well as the bitcointalk forum with announcements and news of the company. There were published 3 articles and 3 news.

We have made another upgrade and improved the presentation of the GONT project. You can find and view the updated document on our official website in the “Materials” section.


Last week the GONT team managed to organize a large number of business meetings.

Our marketing adviser Hans Koeleman visited Singapore, where he continued to build and strengthen business relationships with Ronnie Wee – managing partner at IncuVest – with whom we’ve met while we were in Singapore in mid-September at the Russian-Singapore Business Forum.

In addition, meetings with Extra Invests and Paradigm Capital were held in Singapore. We also hope to meet with NTU (Nanyang Technological University) in the near future so that we can begin to build relationships with them on the scientific side.

In addition, throughout the past week we continued to communicate with investors. We are moving on.

Thank you for attention! Good luck!

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