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Hello everyone! In today’s digest – bitcoin cash November hard fork, Spanish telecoms operator partners with IBM to manage international calls with blockchain, Google playstore evaded as four fake cryptocurrencies are found, bitcoin miner Canaan’s IPO likely delayed after Hong Kong filing expires, Kik’s KIN cryptocurrency token sides with Stellar blockchain over Ethereum for launch.

Bitcoin Cash November Hard Fork

We are positive about the future of Bitcoin Cash, as this November’s upgrade will enable Bitcoin Cash to further improve its scalability, making it suitable to be used as a global, peer-to-peer digital currency. The upgrade also offers new tools for the developer community to create a strong ecosystem.

On November 15th, a Bitcoin Cash hard fork will take place.

Spanish Telecoms Operator Partners With IBM to Manage International Calls With Blockchain

IBM and major Spanish telecommunications firm Telefónica have partnered to apply blockchaintechnology to managing international mobile phone call traffic. The collaboration with IBM aims to streamline certain Telefónica business processes and address various challenges in the field, including the reliability and transparency of information registered from different networks when routing international calls.

Blockchain will allow operators to generate a new layer of confidence in the Internet based not on the players that generate the data and the transactions but on the data itself.

Google Playstore Evaded As Four Fake Cryptocurrencies Are Found

About four fake cryptocurrency wallets have been identified on Google play store. This was found by renowned researcher Lukas Stefanko who is known to deal with the activity of malware. The applications which have been branded as fake were mostly interested in Tether, NEO, Ethereum and MetaMask.

It is believed that the personal data which these applications were most interested in were the bank account details and information about the credit card of their users.

Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s IPO Likely Delayed After Hong Kong Filing Expires

Canaan’s IPO application has now exceeded its lifespan of six months since it was first submitted. The company had apparently been seeking to raise up to $2 billion, but Canaan has now scaled down the plan and is targeting about $400 million.

An IPO issuer can apply to reactive a filing after the initial time period is up, should it decide to. But if there is a delay of three months or more after expiration, the firm has to submit a new application and the previous filing would be considered as “outdated.”

Kik’s KIN Cryptocurrency Token Sides With Stellar Blockchain Over Ethereum For Launch

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation has decided to break away from Ethereum completely, instead of working towards a dual-chain system.

Kik had managed to raise a great deal of funding from its initial coin offering in September 2017. In total, the company managed to raise $100 million. By November however, the chronic issues that Ethereum faced regarding scaling issues resulted in discussions pertaining to finding an alternative to Ethereum, something that Ted Livingston, Kik’s Founder and CEO later confirmed in December.


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