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Greetings, dear readers of our blog! In today’s article we will tell you about our business and technology value proposition. You will learn how, why and when you can monetize it. We will also reveal our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will talk about our clients and competitors, pathways to productization and scalability of specific GONT solutions and targeted stakeholders. Enjoy! 

After blockchain “hype” period the next more deliberate period is coming. We start to understand that not all things in the world needs blockchain technology, but some of them does. First of all blockchain can be used for building fully automatic billing systems based on smart contracts. And now we clearly see the main problems of blockchain technology – low scalability and high costs. We believe that concentrating on it is the key to success in the next three years in blockchain. And the only way to do it – try to build new blockchain networks comparable in speed and pricing with cloud service networks.

This can be done using GONT approach to building a new blockchain virtual machine with maximum optimization through software and hardware know-how.

Besides, there is another problem – participation of regular users in blockchain economy. Acting like miners is of course the simpliest way, but it is suitable for IT-freaks only. To make blockchain really popular technology with practical value for millions of regular users we should build a new system for their involving in it. The system should be very clear and simple. And very agile. Agility is important for building a new type of services in the blockchain that we call “crowd-services”. They are mostly like cloud services, but with blockchain billing model through smart contracts. Such king of new services will involve in blockchain economy millions of digital values owners, that will monetize it through blockchain billing in every number of services. There is value for services and for regular users.

We propose to make it using GONT Alternative Gas approach (AlGas) that is logically linked with GONT multi-core virtual machine.

So, what does GONT offer?

1. The business and technology VALUE PROPOSITION

  • New virtual machine for the blockchain networks that provides more speed and cheaper transactions, using specific multicore based architecture.
  • Ability to make real market for programmable processors by Intel, ARM, AMD for blockchain based online services.
  • Revolutionary alt gas monetization model for digital values monetizing – more agile and clear for owners and consumers.

2. The BUSINESS MODEL: HOW, WHY and WHEN you can monetize the value proposition?

1) You can sell the technology itself to one of the blockchain networks.
2) You can lease the technology to several blockchain networks as a service, using royalty model, for example.
3) You can also build your own blockchain network, attract community to start building services, get reward on transactions commission.

3. The SWOT analysis

– Strong development team
– Connections with MFTI and Intel R&D lab
– Advisors in strategy
– Really scientific whitepaper

– Hard to understand for the regular users
– Hard to predict specific monetization and value for investors and basic business parameters (like ROI, LTV, etc.)
– Huge R&D part (=risks)

– Creating a new standard of blockchain virtual machines
– Creating a new market and instrument for programmable microprocessors affordable for regular business service owners

– R&D failure
– Somebody could do it more effectively
– Too complex solution for regular users to use blockchain for monetization

– Logical partnership with processor developers
– Logical partnership with world wide universities solving blockchain problems

4. Customers, Competitors, Complementers, Suppliers first and second degree at least

  • Customers: owners of digital values (regular users, developers, authors, artists etc), creators of online services.
  • Competitors: blockchain networks – Ethereum, Ethereum classic, EOS, NEO, Waves, TON.
  • Complementers: Intel, ARM, AMD.
  • Suppliers: data-centers, hosting providers.

5. Pathways to productization and scalability of specific GONT solutions and targeted stakeholders

  • Creating MVP-model for Multicore blockchain VM with routing processor
  • Creating test net
  • Creating mainnet
  • Creating first 5 GONT services (crowd-services)
  • Community involvement


Thank you for attention! Have a productive day!

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