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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance picks Refinitiv for KYC automation

Refinitiv, formerly the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters, will provide an automated Know Your Customer application to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trade volume.

As we continue to grow our business globally, we will also continue to grow our compliance competency by partnering with well-recognized market leaders for KYC solutions. Following existing Anti-Money Laundering standards in the fiat world and incorporating advanced third-party transaction monitoring tools, as well as our own proprietary tools, will help us build trust with regulators and financial institutions.

Japanese banking giant, others donate $800K for blockchain course at university of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo will launch a blockchain course following a donation of nearly  $800,000 from several companies, including Japanese banking giant Sumitomo Mitsui and the Ethereum Foundation.

According to a recent study by Coinbase, 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities offer at least one crypto-related class, while blockchain-related courses enjoy the most popularity at Stanford and Cornell in the USA.

SWIFT India partners with fintech firm for blockchain pilot

SWIFT India has partnered with fintech firm MonetaGo to pilot a distributed ledger network designed to improve the efficiency and security of financial products.

Given India’s focus on a digital infrastructure which is supported by both policy and technological innovation, it makes sense that large institutional players are interested in these products and initiatives.

Amazon: how e-commerce giant chose blockchain over bitcoin

Amazon was granted two crypto-related patents. While the American e-commerce pioneer, with a revenue of over $177 billion, has not chosen to accept Bitcoin and major altcoins as a payment option despite public interest and competitors’ experience, it has not ignored the subject altogether. In fact, Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing arm, has contributed to blockchain adoption.

Amazon has not shown itself to be exactly a pro-Bitcoin company. Nevertheless, its relationship with the underlying technology, blockchain, has proven to be much more fruitful.

South Korea: messaging giant kakao to attract crypto investments in Singapore

Kakao Corp, a major South Korean Internet conglomerate, has established a subsidiary of the company in Singapore to attract foreign investments with cryptocurrencies.

This investment contract seems to include not only sales of simple tokens but also Kakao blockchain business cooperation. The reason for the establishment of an investment corporation in Singapore is that it is easy to raise funds and has a large tax benefit.


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