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Do you want to know how far GONT has advanced in the last week? How quickly do we develop and what goals have we achieved? Read the article and stay tuned!

Greetings, colleagues! We continue to share with you the key events of the past week and the success of the GONT team. Follow our updates and stay in touch!

Social media

Last week, we, as usual, continued to replenish our groups in social networks as well as the bitcointalk forum with announcements and news of the company. We published 2 digests and 1 article, and also announced 2 news.


Our advisors Konstantine Stowolosow and Hans Koeleman went to Singapore on a Roadshow. There they managed to meet with three funds: IncuVest, Enable8 and Rekanet.

It should be noted, that IncuVest and Enable8 praised the successes and results of the GONT company. They are ready to cooperate with us and to help us from the financial side, as well as help us with the organization of a workplace in Singapore. Funds are also ready to assist direct contacts with universities, companies, people, cases – with everything that can help the GONT project to develop in the future.

Rekanet is also ready to enter the project along with the other two. We are waiting for feedback from funds within two weeks. Stay tuned for more!

In addition, the GONT team managed to attend one of the main events of the year in the field of innovative technologies – Russian Tech Week 2018, which was held in Moscow. There we got the opportunity to meet experts and potential investors.

Also we were able to talk with Pavel Novikov – the director of Fintech & Blockchain Centre at Skolkovo Foundation. He really liked the GONT project. We continue to keep in touch with him and at the moment we are actively working on filing an application for the status of Skolkovo resident.

Thank you for attention! Good luck!

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