What is the essence of GONT?

Hello everyone! In today’s article we will tell you what is the essence of GONT. We will talk about sharding, a system for formal verification, integrity control and protection against development errors and “mediator attack”. Also we will tell you in detail about the FUPE space.

GONT is a blockchain platform for mass services, which may also consist of a multitude of microservices that do real “physical” or “intellectual” work. And this is a stable basis for entering a new stable cryptocurrency.

GONT introduces mechanics to account for the operation of all microservices through the service gas technology of virtual machines. Thus, GONT takes away the “monopoly” on the input and development of the gas economy from Ethereum. This enhances the decentralization of the complete system, making services economic entities, not objects.

Services themselves are involved in determining the cost of gas and its technological complexity.

Sharding in GONT

While some projects build sharding based on the concept “blockchain of blockchains” [TON, Plasma, etc], GONT treats sharding more extensively without abandoning this approach.

Sharding in GONT should solve not only the problem of scaling of blockchain and significant performance, but also become the basis for a balanced and fair cryptoeconomy based on the physical work of service gas.

GONT-sharding solves two global problems at once:

  • Blockchain scaling
  • Input of the service gas

Also GONT gives its extended interpretation for:

  • Transactions in blockchain
  • STATE (both State EVM and State transactions)
  • EVM itself – implementation via GONT VM and gVM
  • Smart contract
  • Consensus
  • Functional space of possible gas operation (for services)

GONT also strengthens the concept of “self-treatment” and self-verification of blockchain. 

GONT-BUGIS (Bug-IS) and GONT-BIST (Built-in-self-test)

BUGIS and BIST – a system for formal verification, integrity control and protection against design errors. As well as a system for the automatic generation of code from the meta-description of services in GONT-Space.

From the user’s point of view, GONT implements a one-button-click (Apple style) interface, i.e. concept of automatic service generation by simple meta descriptions (in the GONT-Space tree). At the same time, the service will be guaranteed to work correctly with GONT and blockchain.

The user does not need to learn a lot of implementation details. Just press one button to get the minimum working service (one-button-click). This allows you to enter the base “Golden-model” for the gVM core and then systematically increase it by generating code from the meta descriptions in GONT-Space.

In the future, the code for the HW version of the core (in the ASIP generation style) will also be automatically generated. GONT makes reincarnation and greatly enhances the ASIP market.

FUPE space

FUPE space is like a hybrid SW / HW space.

GONT has the technology of generating GONT VM (gVM), an analogue of EVM, based on meta-information about the service. In GONT, each new service affects the “EVM” structure. “EVM” is not a static entity (unlike Ethereum EVM).

FUPE space:
FUPE = FU (Functional Unit) + PE (Processing Ellement)

From the concept of “simple gas – simple transactions” GONT proposes to move to the concept of “complex gas – complex transactions.” The complexity of service gas is determined by the creator of the services and it can be arbitrary. GONT treats gas more difficult.

FUPE and quarks, IoTT:
Services in FUPE can be implemented through a huge number of different quarks. These quarks can cover a significant number of industries. From the management of gas stations and cash registers in stores to streaming encoding / decoding video. We want to include all types of hardware accelerators in the GONT space. And all possible processor architectures (ARM, MIPS, ARC, VLIW, etc.). It can be said that FUPE space will be IoT-complete.

FUPE space and GONT – for balanced growth of a decentralized economy.

How GONT on the basis of FUPE space and AlGas gas changes the usual economic model based on money.

Regulation and exits to “Economic Freedom”:
A new economic reality of cryptocurrency has come up against regulation and “mediator attack”. All sorts of intermediary regulators nevertheless took root in the supposedly decentralized system of cryptoeconomics. This will lead to all sorts of “edge effects” and a significant reduction in the capitalization of the crypto-world in the very near future.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to offer the market the legal mechanisms of “anti-regulation” of the entire system. Obviously, regulation will ultimately kill the entire capitalization of cryptoeconomics, but a well-thought-out “anti-regulation” (and not only against the intermediary-state, but also against the centralization of “power” in the hands of the core projects on the blockchain) will turn the situation into a normal course of development.

The “mediator attack” is an attempt to take control of any exchanges of values between subjects and impose new rules of exchange.

Ethereum-based blockchain does not fully solve this problem for several reasons:

  • The “mediator attack” was successful in currency conversion (fiat crypto). All exchanges and exchangers are already controlled by KYC.
  • The “mediator attack” was originally carried out on the “gas” of the system by the creators of Ethereum and there are no signals to change the situation. Independent entities do not have a scenario for creating “their” service gas, which will carry out the actual work of transactions. From this point of view, it remains to carry out the decentralization of Ethereum gas and introduce an alternative gas – AlGas.

GONT, on the basis of FUPE, offers both new anti-regulatory mechanisms (an economy that cannot be controlled) and mechanisms for creating new economic values.

Thank you for attention! Have a productive day!

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