What is the essence of GONT? vol.2

Greetings, friends! Today we continue to tell you about the essence of GONT. From the second part of the article you will learn what types of values GONT works with, we will talk about the peculiarities of the economy around FUPE and its types. Enjoy!

Values and GONT

GONT works with different types of values:

  • Fiat currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Services

The link between all types of values is AlGas.
AlGas is the core philosophy of GONT, which also makes it possible to speak of a significant GONT innovation with respect to competitive systems.

The concept of structured ontologies

Injecting new knowledge into GONT Tree occurs according to structural rules. In fact, according to the rules of the new language, which will not allow the structural integrity of the GONT Tree to be violated.

Any user from lawyer to screenwriter will be able to easily fill his selected cell of the GONT space.

For mass market capture, it is necessary to operate with macroblocks of ontologies. Otherwise, all processes are mired in routine work. To work with GONT Tree it is optimal to enter a separate macro language.

Multiple block suppliers for FUPE

In the world there are a large number of manufacturers of hybrid (Tensilica, etc) and conventional (ARM, etc) processor architectures. As well as consortia studying this topic (HiPEAC, etc). They can all become IP providers for FUPE. Through the mechanism of a special FUPE-Gas, they will be able to receive roaylty.

AlGas personalized currency features

  • Deposit entity
  • Advantages over “centralized” Ethereum tokens

Peculiarities of the economy around FUPE

  • A huge number of clearing operations (hybrid gas, etc.) is much more than in a conventional economy, when the number of service providers is small. FUPE allows you to enter many thousands of service providers.
  • Services without owner.

Services without an owner (AlGas collective consumption) live like in a normal economy, but they cannot become a target for a “mediator attack”.

Types of economies for FUPE

FUPE is relevant both for the digital (computational) economy and for the real (for example, autonomous physical IoT objects, blockchain cash registers, etc.). For example, FUPE can fully implement projection laser shows to customers. Communication with the physical world is carried out only through the consumption of electricity. All other value added remains in the GONT system.

FUPE and the launch of familiar mobile applications

The Dalvik Virtual Register Machine in all varieties will also be part of the building blocks of the FUPE space. Dalvik’s work will also be seen in the AlGas concept. This means that users will have the opportunity to run familiar mobile applications, for example on blockchain-phones, blockchain-cash registers and other devices.


GONT and FUPE allow you to withdraw many economic segments from under the “mediator attack” and return the world to real economic freedom, to a world without intermediaries!

We aim to conclude the maximum number of partnerships with industrial players (Microsoft, ARM, Tensilica, etc.) to expand the FUPE space. At the same time, FUPE space will be expanded by proprietary processor units (or development mapping from the market).

Thank you for attention! See you in the next articles.

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