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Hello everyone! Let’s start the work week with a new article. Today we will talk about digital services, values, consider some examples and tell you more about the multi-core GONT virtual machine. Enjoy!

Digital service & digital value

Digital service – a container-processor that hosts digital value.

A Digital value is a useful digitized entity that is useful in its own right (performs useful work), or may be part of a macro service, such as computations, information, and knowledge.

As an example – a contemporary operating system (macro service), which consists of a set of microprograms (services), such as read / write to a disk (microprogram service), conductor of (service program), basic drawing tool (service program) etc.

For example: Facebook (macroservice), consists of subroutines that form a ribbon of interest (program service), advertising systems with targeting (program service), content in the form of text, photos, video (knowledge service).

Container-processor – software or hardware shell, which protects, provides universal interfaces, tracks the use of digital value placed inside any macroservice.

For transparency of tracking the use of digital values, the Ethereum blockchain network is used. Therefore, the container-processor with a digital value is at the same time the core of the virtual machine of the blockchain platform.

For the realization of our task, we are planning to replace the classic Ethereum virtual machine with a new multi-core virtual machine, GONT VM, which will solve the problem of sharding calculations for services and will optimize the mining of consensus for the ontology of services.

The multi-core GONT virtual machine makes it possible to decentralize Ethereum service gas, because for each core it is possible to define its own gas. Because of this, the launch of each service container-processor can be broken down into processor instructions and calculated as the cost of electricity, given consensus. The container processor owner can add their commission within the system-defined framework to the cost of core execution. In this way, an infinite number of gas types appear inside the blockchain platform, which makes it possible for owners and consumers of processor containers to track the use of digital values ​​transparently, while automatically securing their rights.

The ability to export software container processors to FPGA hardware makes it possible to accelerate the use of digital values ​​(especially with complex calculations inside, (such as, for example, video or audio recognition), and to optimize the energy costs required for their execution (blockchain accelerators).

Thus, the GONT project potentially allows for the placement, protection, to combine among themselves and to transparently track the use of the digital values ​​of millions of people around the world.

The project does not compete with blockchain platforms but rather challenges the current technology of creating and monetizing cloud services and content. We solve the problem of integration of services (unified interfaces), understandable placement in an ontological structure (instead of random search engine searches), transparent pricing structure (the service is broken down into instructions that measure electricity consumption + owner’s commission).

In addition, thanks to the alternative service gas approach, GONT becomes more than just a marketplace. The project is an economic ecosystem for service owners, in which they can not only protect and receive a commission, when burning gas for using the created values, but also exchange unspent gas of their service for gas of other services, and to create macroservices. Thus, the GONT platform acquires the features of a macro-economic model, normally identified with a “state governing body”.

Thank you for attention! Good luck!
Ilya Timoshin, CEO GONT

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