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190 operators are trying to enter Japan’s crypto market

Demand for access to Japan’s cryptocurrency market is on the rise, with more than 190 cryptocurrency firms currently trying to enter the Japanese crypto space, the country’s Financial Services Agency has revealed. At present, there are 16 licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan including SBI Virtual Currency, GMO Coin and more. 

Including preliminary consultation/inquiries regarding registration, more than 190 operators are expressing their intention of market entry.

Bitcoin Electrum wallet attacked

The Electrum Wallet, a popular open-source project founded in mid-June 2011, was breached in a “clever attack.” The attack, which has since been confirmed by the team behind the venture, purportedly consisted of a false message appearing on users’ official Electrum-based applications, which beckoned consumers to visit a site.

An anonymous hacker (or consortium of hackers) have purportedly stolen nearly $1 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC), reports technology media outlet ZDNet.

Ukraine to get a decentralized agricultural commodity exchange

In 2019, Ukraine will launch what it claims to be the world’s first decentralized agricultural commodity exchange via blockchain technology. The project aims to create a trading platform for all kinds of players in Ukraine’s agricultural industry.

Every user of our platform will be able to share their expertise and implement innovational technological solutions, which would lead to more efficient operations.

US Defense Dept. wants to use blockchain

Blockchain could make its way into disaster relief operations from the United States Department of Defense. During a presentation, officials reviewed how blockchain technology could help emergencies responses. Efforts to provide aid following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico were used as a case study.

We think there’s a lot of potential [in blockchain].

The court took Bithumb’s side in the case $355k hack

A South Korean court ruled in favor of Bithumb after a user was hacked for around $355,000. The court concluded that the platform has taken all necessary precautions. The judge ruled out the connection of last year’s hacking with the incident, adding that the victim himself could transfer personal information to the hackers.

The court decision says that Bithumb sent the client 10 SMS-notifications about the withdrawal of funds from his account, thereby warning about the danger.

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