How is Gont different from other services?

In today's article, we'll talk about the benefits of the Gont platform. How does it differ from others and why is it better?

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I suggest you talk in today’s article about the benefits of the Gont platform. How does it differ from others and why is it better?


1. GONt is free from any “groups of influence” and is accessible to all (the end point of development of GONT-communism). The development of GONT is managed only by projects from GONT-mantle. Any interested person can start the project.

2. GONT is a gateway for mass implementation of services requiring decentralization on the basis of blockchain (for example, “fair elections”) and generating a large number of transactions.

GONT provides a methodology for true global decentralization of service (there are separate rules for this). 

3. Projects in GONT-mantle!

The mantle of GONT is already replenished with projects.

How do I start my service and put the project in the mantle? 

For development of the project in GONT mantle it is desirable to have the interested project (for example, “1c blockchain accounting” for ProFi in finances) and the leader of the project (director). Or choose from the list of “optimal” for Gont (now ~ 50) projects. 

Each project based on GONT is stimulated to conduct ICO and create its own gas in gont-space, which will reflect the physical work of Project tokens released in the ICO process. For projects from GONT-mantle We strongly simplify the process of inventing own token-economy (i.e. What is the meaning of the new token)!

4. Clear advantages of GONT for participants:

-The ability to enter and produce their “gas” and sell it to other projects that will build similar services. For example, you build a complex AI service based on GONT and sell AI gas consumption to the creators of chat bots in Telegram. Alternative gas AlGas is introduced on the basis of the meanings of ontological tree gont-space.  GONT creates a gas market projects.

GONT itself does not earn money. Money earns projects from GONT mantle, creating gas (AlGas) for other projects and/or realizing gas consumption through active work of gont-services. The end user of the service pays FIAT or the usual crypt to the service owners.

The GONT gas itself is the fundamental internal currency of the GONT space. The currency confirmed by the physical work of many GONT services (physical transactions of processors).  For convenient creation of the gas the separate programming language “iron smart contracts”-GOL (GONT language) is developed.

Easy real-time mining with easy cryptography (inspired by Lightcoin). Mining is supposed to be performed directly within the service GONT-processors in real time of service, not building a separate mining farm. 

Since the GONT will have an “iron core”. With GONT processor factory (in hardware), you can manage IoT objects offline and make IoT transactions into the global blockchain. On the necessary object stands its GONT-accounting device (type GONT online-cashier) and collects transactions (or performs transactions). As an example, a GONT processor can perform a “issue gasoline” transaction at a petrol station and maintain an accounting system.

Similar to the more complex IoT devices (standalone machines, etc.). GONT gives protection and saves a lot of money for the creators of services on the basis of global blockchain. GONT implements “Iron smart contracts” through GONT processors. And it allows to make over reliable services of type “crypto-safes” and large “crypt-repositories” for large exchanges, purses of users, crypto-banks. Through the implementation of the concept of “nested Blokchejnov” GONT greatly reduces the cost of storing any transaction services in the global blokchejne. 

5. IP rights of the service owner

If the owner of the service has developed a complex gont-gas and wants to sell it, it can do it in the form of a final binary assembly (the processor that implements this gas). The processor is assembled automatically on the Genfab (processor build factory) by meta-descriptions and sent to the service owner. Therefore, only the owner of the service has access to its development. At the GONT-gas exchange, the owner of the service exposes only top-level descriptions so that users can evaluate the work of the new gas. Diversification between different “grades of gas” occurs by injection new meanings in GONT Space at creation of new service and has a native for end user of service character. This gives the obvious semantic content of tokens to users.

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A. Hakamoto

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