Fupe quarks

Greetings, friends! While everyone is summing up the past year and making predictions for a new one, we will briefly tell you what FUPE quarks are. We will also talk about the GONT feature. Enjoy!

If we want to launch large industrial stacks of already existing embedded software industry in the smart contract model, then we need to consider not only the HAL (hardware abstraction level) software level, but also all the features of the implementation of the iron core architecture that runs the contract. Since the embedded software stack has a hard connection with the real iron core of the processor. For example, Sirin Labs is working in this direction.


Quarks will be called the lowest-level of HW implementation instructions.

A feature of GONT is the mapping of all quarks of all known processor architectures to the intermediate VLIW level. For example, the architecture of the K5 was similarly implemented – the first analog of the x86 architecture from AMD.

We consider the mapping on the VLIW is right for several reasons:

  • We bypass patents for world processor architectures (for example, on ARM), as AMD once did.
  • The need for wide VLIW commands due to:

1) Full ONTO space (512 bits will give unlimited possibilities).
2) Solidity data width support (256 bits).

Therefore, it is simply impossible to get along without broad VLIW commands.
At the same time, native code compilers should not “notice” the mapping of all quarks to the intermediate VLIW.


By displaying any embedded soft on GONT EVM, we are expanding the potential market by an order of magnitude.

Thank you for attention! Have a productive day!

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