Plenty of gas functions for extra work

We offer more detailed consideration of different functions of alternative gas which allow to perform additional work.

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We have already told you about the alternative gas gont. And today we will consider its various functions which allow to perform additional work, in more detail.
1. The main and additional gas

GONT allows to build huge sets for additional gas operation (creation of new senses around the main service node in GONT). The service has the motivation to enter as much additional gas as possible to earn more.


-Service “elections”-the main gas. 
-“Mailing list for the participants of the election” – additional. 

2. The service processors and work

Instructions of processor as the equivalent of the work.

Not every “sense” of GONT Space is necessary (rationally) to make instructions. But difficult meanings can do a lot of work, and we can accurately calculate it (in Joules). In addition, we can accurately calculate what kind of gas was mixed (through traces) in the operation of this service. At the end of the service window we can send incentives to the gas owners (similar to miners). This is provided for services that use “composite gas”.

3. Simple and complex meanings and nomination

1) Example of atomic simple meaning:

Meaning: A + B (simple addition) – we have similar meanings in the service “elections”. 

2) An example of the atomic complex sense:

Meaning: 1.89079884 * 1.89079884 (complex multiplication). In a complex sense the conveyor of FPU arithmetic (complex) is involved. We have similar meanings in AI services, where it is necessary to calculate complex matrices, etc. gases of situations 1) and 2) can be mixed in one final service. For example, the service “Elections with robotic support”.

The correct approach-pre-calibration 1) and 2) in the atomic operation (in Joules) and binding to the price of electricity. But it is also possible to exchange nomination gas price 1) and 2). Here the question immediately arises in hjedzhirovanii of expenses of the user at long-term usage of service. There are risks that speculators will heat the cost of gas to unacceptable for normal operation of the service. 

4. The relationship with PoW

PoW should be considered only as one of the basic services of GONT, which the user can use at discretion. PoW will belong to the KANT system and possess its own gas. The accounting of the PoW fee and the calculation of the miners remuneration is determined by the complex service gas mixing model. Since PoW belongs to the KANT system, it will have a separate dedicated window (priority) in the Gont VM. Specialized PoW registers will also be introduced at the Gont chip architecture level. 

5. The generally recognized of GONT currency

Mixing of gas services will result in complex shifts of services that will be displayed in the global blokchejny in the usual way. In principle, there is no limit to the maximum saturation of gas injection new services, which will lead to a natural intensification of the exchange of services (among the projects of GONT mantle) and the emergence of new gateways in Fiat money. Any new service will be able to instantly start selling through the gas mixing mechanism.

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