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This article will discuss the peculiarities of gont-gas.

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Today I will tell you about the peculiarities of GONT-gas.

The introduction of functional EVM and gas concept by Vitaly Buterin was a big step forward regarding blockchain Satoshi Nakomoto. V. Buterin opened to the world the modern market ICO.

However, the concept of gas is now at the earliest stage of its dialectic and can be significantly expanded and strengthened to implement the blockchain of the next generation!

The new qualitative leap is possible both in technology and in economy. It is about the same level and significance as the technological leap Ethereum about Bitcoin.

GONT is a platform for transition in the era of global and absolute decentralization (with decentralizing of gas including) and introduces AlGas (alternative gas), taking the monopoly on gas from Ethereum and transferring it directly to decentralized services.

GONT introduces mechanics for accounting of work of all microservices by means of technology of service gas of virtual machines. GONT takes “monopoly” on entering and development of gas economy at Ethereum. 

This enhances the decentralization of the complete system by making services economic entities rather than objects. Consequently, the services themselves participate in determining the cost of gas and its technological complexity.

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A. Hakomoto

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