What is GONT GAS (AlGas)

Greetings, colleagues! Our today’s article is devoted to GONT AlGas. We will tell you what AlGas is, what its philosophy is and what goals the expansion of the EVM mechanism has. We will also tell you about Fog Computing and talk about the GONT approach. Everything as you like. Have a productive reading!


The goal of GONT is to engage in the cryptoeconomy of business meanings that were previously outside of any economy.

Example: the meaning of cinema ontology as a generator of value added in mass cinema services.

Services may consist of many microservices. And microservices generate work through AlGas. This leads to an update of the microstates of blockchain affecting the global state of blockchain. The transfer of the service to a new microstate is accompanied by the consumption of AlGas gas.

The aggregate of all the “molecules” of a gas of one service is the average “token” or currency of this service, which is also linked to the global currency GONT (as the GDP of a city or region is related to the GDP of a country). Such a model allows, among other things, to carry out “ICO on GONT”.

Gas philosophy

Any service in the world has a Supply Chain or Value Chain.

GONT allows you to build a service value chain from alternative gas belonging to various micro services. Gas is equivalent to the work done by the service. At the same time, the work is “taken” from several suppliers on the basic principles of the competition of their gas.

Supply Chain may consist of complete blocks of conditionally “difficult work”. This “complexity” of work can be measured in the debugged code of product quality or something else. The main thing is that these modules should be ready for sale. For example, high quality AR special effect can be a complicated gas. In this case, the “gas” instructions EVM and Solidity can be considered conditionally “simple gas”. In terms of the elementary nature of their work.

The GONT approach greatly expands the philosophy of “gas financial transactions”, which is designed for Solidity. Complicated gas for the complex work of the service requires a revision of the philosophy of computing power.

One of the new approaches on the market for distributed computing is Fog Computing [SONM].

In this case, GONT treats hybrid computing power through the EVM mechanism, adapting it to a new reality. It can be said that, by analogy with Fog Computing, GONT is a new mechanism for the sale of distributed computing power. But conceptually expands, including Fog Computing itself.

EVM expansion mechanism

The expansion of the EVM mechanism has several goals:

  • Introducing the mechanism of private property on Blockchain
  • Expansion of gas space and gas working space

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