Top 5 news of the blockchain industry

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Canada digital ID system could use blockchain to secure data

A Canadian banking group supports the idea of using blockchain technology as part of a digital ID system for residents. Canada eyes the opportunities afforded by so-called open banking, a reenvisioning of the banking field that would allow third-party companies such as fintech startups to participate and share access to user data.

Instantly verifying who someone is using multiple digital reference points is more secure than relying on a photocopy of a driver’s licence

IBM-backed blockchain platform to improve supply chain management in mining industry

Major tech firm IBM has partnered with MineHub Technologies to deliver a blockchain solution that will improve supply chain management in the mining and metals industry. The newly announced mining supply chain platform will be built on the cloud-based IBM Blockchain Platform powered by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

The solution targets the inefficiencies of the global mining and metal market — which is estimated at $1.8 trillion.

Bitfury enters music industry with blockchain-based open source platform launch

The spin-off, dubbed Bitfury Surround, aims to tackle the complex and often unfairly proportioned flows of revenue between artists, fans and middlemen using blockchain technology.

The Surround platform will enable the entire music entertainment industry to streamline operations through secure transfer of copyright assets, streamlined connectivity as well as better monitoring and management systems.

WWF-Australia launches blockchain platform for goods tracking

WWF-Australia and the BCG Digital Ventures jointly launched a new blockchain platform called OpenSC to track the environmental and ethical impact of food and other consumer products.

Through OpenSC, businesses and consumers will have a whole new level of transparency about whether the food we eat is contributing to environmental degradation or social injustice such as slavery.

New WordPress publishing platform will offer blockchain features

WordPress is launching a new publishing platform backed by Google, ethereum development studio ConsenSys and more, and notably blockchain tools will be built in. The new product – Newspack – is described as an “inexpensive” platform offering technology and support for small- and medium-sized news organizations.

Google led Newspack’s funding, with a $1.2 million investment, while ConsenSys contributed $350,000.

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