Greetings, colleagues! In today’s article we will discuss the application of GONT technologies in the global market. We will tell you what the essence of the GONT project is. We will also talk about its market, growth prospects, the ecosystem and economy, and competitors.

The essence of the project

Development of a universal decentralized trading platform for the sale and rental of physical and digital goods and services.

Physical goods and services are any objects and services of the physical world. For example: product – car, service – suspension repair.

Digital goods and services are objects of intellectual property: algorithms, computing, technology; data: data from IOT devices, poll results, digital copies of behavior; content: photos, music, videos, texts, etc .; programs: applications, games, filters, compressors, etc .; support services: encryption, decryption, cryptocurrency exchange, exchange of digital services and services, etc.

Project Market

The global market of online trading of physical, digital goods and services with no currency restrictions, government or corporate controls, third-party commissions.

GONT combines Amazon and Alibaba products, youdo and freelance services, programs, App.store and Google.play applications, as well as cloud services in a single decentralized platform.

Thanks to the technology of energy smart contracts GESC, digital goods and services can not only be bought, but also rented, paying only for their actual use.

Renting digital goods means that you can, for example, buy a musical composition “for keeps” and be able to listen to it for free at any time. Also you can rent it, but rent means “just for one time”. Thanks to GONT, this feature is applicable to any digital goods and services! Due to this approach, you can embed GONT digital goods into your services. For example, in order to build online storefronts and publish the content of other users there through GESC technology, monetize traffic to the site through advertising and share this income with the owners of the used digital goods.

The exchange protocol between virtual machines of digital goods GEP allows you to combine digital goods and services in a chain of new values within the platform, creating new products from them. Owners of goods and services used in the chain are remunerated during monetization.

Speaking of the chain of goods and services, we should mention, that using GESC and GEP, you can, for example, decompose a piece of music, dividing it into a range of digital goods. You can describe the notes of a composition as a separate digital commodity (separate owner), the performance of music for each instrument (separate owners for each sound track), the author of words (separate owner), the performer of a voice track (separate owner). All this can be done at the stage of recording a musical composition in the studio. In the future, when buying a song or renting it (directly to GONT or through the Internet site showcase), everyone who took part in the product creation chain of a musical piece will receive its share.

Thus, GONT has the following unique capabilities:

  1. World marketplace without intermediaries, commissions, control of the range, which can not be closed, blocked or moderated by the government, organizations or people.
  2. The technology of trusted leasing of digital goods through decentralized energy smart contracts GESC.
  3. A protocol for combining digital services into GEP chains.

Growth prospects

Despite the decline in basic cryptocurrency rates, the penetration of the blockchain industry into everyday life is steadily increasing. The sharp fall in Bitcoin in 2018 is comparable to the burst of the dot-com bubble, which historically marked the next smooth growth of the global Internet industry. Interestingly, the Amazon marketplace, one of the single companies, survived the stage of the burst dotcom bubble and returned its stock price to a recession. This has shown that companies that solve tasks that are in demand at all times remain on the market.

Currently, the capitalization of the world’s major trading floors is estimated at half a trillion dollars (!). In 5 years, according to the average business plan, the capitalization of GONT should reach $ 25 billion.

GONT competitors


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Alibaba
  • Avito
  • App.store
  • Google.play


  • Open bazaar
  • Origami
  • Listia
  • Modultrade


Founders: foundation-type company, know-how owner. The company of LLC-type, the privilege of selling commercial mining and additional services to other participants. For example, Escrow (with time it will be available to all participants of the platform, with the accumulation of the rating and the desired coin steak).

Sellers: anyone can open their store within the marketplace without KYC and place their goods for sale. Despite the lack of KYC, a trusted blockchain rating is compiled for each store, which is stored in a decentralized network.

Buyers: any Internet users who want to shop at Sellers stores without KYC, but still with Buyer’s trusted ratings.

Miners: Sellers and Buyers become miners automatically. To create their own store or search for and purchase products, users download an application for their platform, which includes client and server segments. The client part allows you to create and manage your store. The server part turns the participant into a miner. Such “amateur” mining for goods of stores within the platform makes it possible to build a system without infrastructure transaction fees.

However, for such systems, an adaptive blockchain-consensus of amateur miners leads to the inaccessibility of 24/7 stores (as in Openbazaar, for example). Therefore, it is necessary to provide Sellers with the opportunity of independent professional mining of the goods placed. Thus, miners will receive commissions from Sellers transactions, however, these commissions will be much lower than similar commissions of centralized competitors.

Holders of GEC coins can get the right to be a Professional Miner, as well as be able to receive rewards from transactions.


GONT emits 2 base coins:

GSEC: Gont Stable Energy Coin – utility coin designed to purchase internal infrastructure services, such as professional mining / hosting of store goods, generation of virtual machine keys for containment of digital values, generation of FPGA firmware for high-load services.

GEC: Gont Energy Coin – security coin, reflecting the growth of the project. Steak coins provide an opportunity to participate in the development of the project (vote for changes), to provide infrastructure services.

Emission of energy coins is based on the forecast plan for the growth in the number of platform transactions, which reflects the energy consumed by all services. In an ideal world, the course of a GSEC coin on a period is as stable as possible with full use of these coins in the actual operation of services.

GESC is based on individual virtual machines-containers of digital goods, which, when created, calibrate the unique gas of this product – vGASn. Calibrating the gas, the seller sets the parameters of his “royalty”, and the computational component is calculated automatically, depending on the choice of the mining model for this container. Thus, an infinite variability of vGAS gas appears, reflecting the energy intensity of the vECG digital product and the “commission” of the Seller-owner of the vRSM. This information is open to digital buyers.


Accumulated by the seller vRSMn can be exchanged for any of the two coins of the system and then be used for internal tasks or withdrawn through the exchange in Fiat.

The economic business model and the ROI model of investors are based on the sale of professional services to merchants:

  • Mining of a shop
  • Creation of virtual machines containers for renting digital goods
  • Downloading FPGA firmware for high load digital service goods

However, Sellers can use the amateur services of the same miners as themselves, or they can mine inside the platform of their store on their own.

Any other member of the platform can become a Professional Services provider by purchasing the desired GEC steak from the platform. In fact, Professional service is a digital product just like any other.

Thank you for attention! Good luck!
Ilya Timoshin

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