Top 5 news of the blockchain industry

Hello everyone! A selection of news for those who want to stay abreast of the latest events of the crypto and blockchain world!

Blockchain in subway system

Shenzhen Metro, a Chinese subway system, has chosen to implement the blockchain technology for their own issuance of electronic invoice. The blockchain technology was provided by Tencent, using the WeChat social mediaplatform.

Ultimately, once this system is fully launched, there should be about 170,000 self-service invoices posted to the blockchain daily.

IBM launches global crypto payment network

Multinational computing giant IBM has launched a stablecoin-based Blockchain World Wire global payments network that aims to allow financial institutions to carry out ‘realtime’ cross border payments, foreign exchange transactions and remittances. The payment network will trade using the Stellar Lumens digital currency and the Stronghold USD cryptocurrency with which IBM is already in collaboration.

We’ve created a new type of payment network designed to accelerate remittances and transform cross-border payments to facilitate the movement of money in countries that need it most.

UK parliament presented showcase of real-world blockchain applications

Organized by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain), the event featured live presentations from four firms working in the blockchain industry: IOTA, Oracle, Everledger and Lloyd’s of London. Among the audience were members of parliament, government officials and industry leaders, according to a statement from organizers. The live demonstrations highlighted the potential of blockchain in real-life applications in supply chains for olive oil and diamonds (Oracle and Everledger, respectively), international trade (IOTA) and insurance claims and transactions settlement (Lloyd’s).

This is a pivotal moment for UK, which could define our future leadership in governance, commerce and competition.

Australians will purchase bitcoin at newsagents

The new service Binance Lite — which will initially be introduced in Australia — is purportedly set to enable customers to buy digital currency with fiat money from more than 1,300 supported newsagents within the country. The service currently supports only the purchase of Bitcoin, although it will offer more digital currency and fiat options at a later date.

Before using the service, customers are requested to pass account verification, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering procedures.

Japan preps tougher rules on cryptocurrency margin trading

Cryptocurrency margin trading can be extremely risky for investors. Japan’s uppermost executive body, the Japanese Cabinet, has accordingly greenlighted amendments put forth by the nation’s Financial Services Agency that would limit how much leverage domestic crypto margin traders can use.

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