Top 5 news of the blockchain industry

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Medical data permissions with blockchain tech

The Bitfury Group and blockchain-powered medical data marketplace Longenesis have jointly launched production of a blockchain-based consent management system for the healthcare industry. The new product addresses issues with the management of user consent for ongoing and upcoming research endeavors, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as streamlining data collection for medical research.

While the regulations vary from country to country, the research organizations should strive to deploy content management systems that protect the data owners far better than any regulation. At the same time, the consent procedure should be pain-free, rapid, cost-effective and universal to ensure that the patients are fully-protected and educated.

Blockchain in gas supply agreements

The Russian prime minister has welcomed an initiative to use blockchain in agreements over gas supplies by the country’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom. Gazprom has carried out substantive work with Russia’s state-owned bank Gazprombank, and has developed a prototype model that will enable contracts to be made automatically using blockchain technology. The platform intends to allow data sharing between all the participants of a certain contract, as well as to improve the security of data.

Medvedev endorsed Gazprom’s project, claiming that blockchain technology has great prospects in Russian industry, as well as in activity by companies such as Gazprom.

Blockchain fridge

Austria’s largest energy provider, Wien Energie, has developed a blockchain-driven fridge in partnership with tech giant Bosch. The official release claims that the decentralized technology is used in the construction of a refrigerator for the first time.

The main goal behind the project is to increase consumer interest in the sustainable consumption of energy.

Crypto regulations in South Korea

South Korean officials are considering a revision of existing regulatory frameworks regarding digital currencies. Country has to re-evaluate cryptocurrency policies in order to facilitate the growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency market. 

The government has misunderstood the virtual currency and tried to meet the real currency standards, so there are various problems.The industry does not stand still while waiting for the regulatory sandbox authorization, so it is just like keeping it in the box.

Canadian dollar-pegged stablecoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare is launching a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the Canadian dollar (CAD). The exchange plans potential roles for its new “eCAD” token in cross-border payments and remittance, peer-to-peer lending, merchant payment solutions, as well as trade settlements and forex conversions.

The launch of eCAD will create the first transparent, affordable, and secure way of transferring value in Canada and beyond, without the risk of instability in the traditional cryptocurrency market.

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