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IBM issued patent for DLT-supported data sharing and validation

Tech giant IBM has been awarded a patent for a mobile data sharing method that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT). The platform can collect specific information and deliver it to nearby computing nodes, with subsequent publishing of a verified incident event on a distributed ledger. The collected data is further used to map information updates.

Connected objects can be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, integrating connected physical objects into computer-based systems. Connected physical objects are uniquely identifiable through their embedded computing system, allowing the connected physical objects to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.

Hospital to create blockchain medical data management platform

Blockchain-powered medical data marketplace Longenesis and biotechnology company Insilico Medicine have entered into an agreement with South Korean hospital Gil Medical Center to create a blockchain-based health data management solution. 

As part of the collaboration, the parties intend to develop a blockchain-powered platform based on Bitfury’s Exonum blockchain framework to increase the efficiency of data collection, boost medical research processes and ensure transparent management of patient consent.

Bank culture holds back adoption of blockchain

Head of digital market assets at Credit Suisse, Emmanuel Aidoo, has said that bankers’ desire to keep the status quo is holding back the adoption of blockchain technology. In an interview with Business Insider, Aidoo said that banks’ unwillingness to adopt blockchain lies in culture within banks, and has nothing to do with the technology’s immaturity or a lack of potential use cases within financial organizations.

What is preventing the banking industry from rushing into it? I think it’s mostly culture. I think the tipping point is about having an entrepreneurial culture, a willingness to push people to keep asking why.

Samsung planning new blockchain mainnet featuring Samsung Coin

South Korean electronics giant Samsung may end up developing a public-private blockchain complete with its own cryptocurrency token. The project, part of an undertaking by the company’s dedicated blockchain division, would see a blockchain mainnet appear based on Ethereum (ETH), along with a new asset dubbed Samsung Coin.

It could also be public blockchain in the future, but I think it will be hybrid – that is, a combination of public and private blockchains.

Crypto payments system

British Virgin Islands has partnered with, a blockchain startup focused on philanthropic causes. Under the partnership, the entities will work towards providing “Rapid Cash Response” during emergencies and developing a crypto payment method for facilitating ongoing financial transactions across the network of islands.

The British Virgin Islands has an estimated GDP of over $1 billion, and suffered damages in excess of $3 billion during hurricane Irma.

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