Why Gont? 

In turn, the answer to a question that does not give a lot of rest: "Why Gont?". Let's understand, what problems and tasks solves blockchain platform of the new generation. 

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In turn, the answer to a question that does not give a lot of rest: “Why Gont?”. Let’s understand, what problems and tasks solves blockchain platform of the new generation. 

So, why Gont? 

1. GONT has unique innovations and technologies for decentralization of Ethereum gas (application specific computing and compilers). This is a new revolution in decentralization of the world! The task and function of the “old” gas Ethereum is expanding: it is no longer just a gas to protect against spam in the Ethereum network, but a base for countless “useful works”, with infinite with many meanings.

2. GONT allows services to build their economy on the basis of decentralized secure transactions. All the senses of your transactions will be clear and accessible to all!

3. We offer a new way of computing. And all known Fog computing becomes only part of our concept.

4. Decoupling and Shardirovanie EVM.   This gives us a way to introduce real “private ownership of warhead” through the generation of GVM within the framework of the global Gont VM.

5. GONT allows you to build standalone hubs to collect transaction streams for blockchain.

6. GONT is a convenient blockchain gateway for mass services, as well as for services with a large number of transactions (payment systems, etc.) in real time.

7. GONT-Optimal for the construction of protected global Kriptoservisov (Kriptobanki, Kriptobirzhi, Kriptokoshelki, Kriptosejfy). 

8. GONT is optimal for decentralizing services with a lot of semantics (accounting, legislation, technical support) and working with AI.

GONT is optimal for those who want to write sophisticated smart contracts and sell them to other services on the model of selling their own gas virtual machine.

GONT is optimal for entering own currency, provided with physical work of your (your) processors and with necessary cryptography.

9. GONT has its SW and HW (no one yet) level in the world of blockchain!

10. GONT offers processors that perform not only mining functions, but also all service operations at the transaction level! GONT is a hybrid of the usual mining and service iron processors.

11. With the help of gont’a you can go to entering digital assets we describe millions of different asset options and, most importantly, possible ontologichnost of assets.

12. The concept of infinite growth through the growth of EVM-smart sharding from GONT. 

13. GONT Introduces services without owner (Crowd services).

14. GONT introduces the philosophy of value chains. In doing so, our value chains are better than the Web of value philosophy of Ripple.

15. GONT introduces the mechanism of token cost (via AlGas) and the mechanism of private ownership (through the generation of “personal” EVM). 

Problems and tasks identified by the founders of Ethereum and Bitcoin:

1. Transition from POW to PoS to move to eco-friendly technology and eliminate obsolete POW mining (useless burning of electricity), which appeared at the dawn of Bitcoin. 
2. Create a gas market to make the economy around Ethereum very huge (> 1 trillion. $).

A long-term solution requires the establishment of a functioning gas market, whose participants could make simple but informed decisions, and miners competed for the right to include transactional commissions. How can you create such a market? [https://bits.media/news/nastoyashchaya-stoimost-tranzaktsiy-v-seti-efiriuma/]

3. Support for a large number of PLASMA transactions [Plasma.io] describes the concept of nested Blokchejnov for the transition at a rate of ~ 1 billion. Transactions per second (instead of 10 transactions/sec Now). The transition to working plasma should marked mass implementation of services on the basis of blockchain. Now the plasma is still in the stage of R&D.

4. Entering tokens of a new sample to avoid empty token fills with meanings and different ICO-scams.

According to his [Vitalik] opinion, the second generation of tokens, which has a much higher quality, will appear in the market in 2018-2019. [https://forklog.com/vitalik-buterin-vyzhivut-tolko-10-kriptovalyutnyh-startapov/]

GONT solves all these tasks at once!

To sum up:

  • GONT introduces the perfect service PoS.
  • GONt introduces a logically perfect PoS for any services over the PoW blockchain.
  • GONT introduces a full-fledged gas market.

Thank you for your attention! Stay in touch. 
Dmitry Raskladka

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