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Want to learn more about how Gont technology works from the Inside out? Today we will talk about the values of the blockchain platform.

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Today we will talk about the values of blockchain platform GONT. Wish you a productive reading!

In addition to the core of GONT, about which we have already told in a separate article, there are the following values:

1. Tree-Oracle GONT tree.

The value of the Oracle (it is the same gont Tree) for entering AlGas

  • Question: How does the tree provide Algaza billing (AlGas)?
  • Answer: Through the system of “checks of transactions”, as it is now done in Ethereum. Only alternative gas becomes a transaction and receives its cheque. And, a meaningful transaction with a sense code (address on GONT Tree). This gives a lot for the further development of GONT!

To enter AlGas: 

  • We need to introduce a semantic system.
  • You need to introduce a system of sense ownership (aka private property on blockchain).
  • You need to enter an accurate billing system.

Only then can you start to display the AlGas on the value system and assign it a value. Without the AlGas system we will get a regular hosting, which “does not need blockchain”. AlGas is the basic crypto engine gont. AlGas makes the usual hosting-“Hosting 2.0”! Kanteconomy with GONT tree and without tree GONT tree:

  • Without AlGas: A virtual Machine Cloud project (no added value and no need for blockchain).
  • With AlGas: there is a new philosophy of added value. There is innovation!

 2. AlGas (alternative gas).

  • This is the hidden energy of the service.
  • Can be burnt and can be stirred (gas from different sources).
  • It may make sense to barter the cost between services, in advance grooving all transactions in a single basis of gas consumption. thereby facilitating blockchain exchanges.
  • Accurately measurable in the case of (inside GVM) work.

Dialectic of AlGas: From anti-spam gas to Ethereum to service gas in GONT!

AlGas VS Tokens

Blockchain accurately takes into account the consumption of Algaza and it gives rise to new models of services (Type crowd services). 

The important conclusion is that without AlGas we will get the usual cloud, cloud services (when there is no need for blockchain).

AlGas is not a function of the state warhead expense AlGas is written only in transaction checks. Therefore, we unload the warhead state tree. And this is the right approach to Shardingu.

The main property of gas AlGas – measurement.

Each start of a “personal” transaction in a “personal” EVM service is displayed in the warhead chain. And on this basis the user’s income is built (warhead as billing!).

3. Enhanced understanding of transaction.

More transactions-higher value GONT

GONT expands transactional, which increases the number of transactions in services. The more transactions-the higher the profit will be for the services. And this is the goal of any economic activity. Therefore, GONT aims to expand the transaction space. Enhanced transaction is closely linked to the reputation system and the overall expansion of economic activity.

Everything in the world is a transaction.

Any transaction is counted through AlGas.

“Reputation of the Doctor” is accumulated from:

  • Not only work 
  • But also from the facts of education and self-education

For example, if a doctor looks at a lot of surgeries, his reputation grows faster than a doctor who watches a lot of football.

Therefore, you can enter new transactions to account for the doctor’s self-learning processes. And it will become a part of his personal economy!

4. Hybridization of chains Value chain.

Service chain count on GONT tree

The added value of GONT tree can be collected from rather arbitrary chains in different directions of the graph.

Value chain can be formed from AlGas from different suppliers! In this way we increase the number of potential transactions in the system. And this is a significant advantage over the real economy, where it is not easy to build a complex supply chain. The value of GONT in the overall acceleration of economic activity.

5. Services and MicroServices.

The right of services to self-determination: We introduce division into services and MicroServices. Service is any wandering of the current state of a user’s task between microservices within a given evolution. Evolution describes all possible transitions based on the semantic needs of the service.

  • GVM-like transaction engines
  • GVM receive quantums of global resources to advance the work of transactions forward.

Why microservices are the basic economic basis of GONT, not services?

The more the service of possible microservices, the more effective gont. Because there is more space for independent vendors in the value chains chain.

MicroServices become economically integral and independent suppliers. MicroServices is getting a lot. Services are able to choose from a variety of competing microservices. Similarly, microservices can choose which showcase they work with. The competition will grow on both sides, which will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of the final showcase services.

Global trends:

Communism crept unnoticed. The time of capitalism is running out: technology is killing him.

More on: [Https://delyagin.ru/articles/187-pozitsija/57088-kommunizm-podkralsja-nezametno-vremja-kapitalizma-na-iskhode-ego-ubivajut-tekhnologii]

6. Evolution and Dialectic of Crowd services.

GONT changes the pattern of profit distribution and increases profit.

7. World A and World B.

Underground canals AlGas and the privacy of the economy a new level of Kriptoanarhizma.

Consider the model of “AlGas piping”.  In order to pump AlGas between large repositories (hubs) values (banks) can be created AlGas pipelines. These pipelines are even cryptocurrency and will always remain invisible to a third-party observer. AlGas pipeline can not be seen outside even in the case of regulation of the usual cryptocurrency (in case of successful “Attack of the mediator” of the State on the crypt).

8. Black Box. New levels of anonymity.

Gas stirring and impossibility of unambiguous tracing payments. The value has already been tested by the market on the coins Dash, Monero.

Easy to enter such services as personal cryptography. The user can protect their transaction channels using personal cryptography, which only he and his subscribers know. For example, the Telegram protocol could be implemented on top of channels in GONT.

9. Private property on blockchain.

Many companies (Latoken, etc) are looking for an opportunity to exercise the rights of private ownership of blockchain. For the purpose of tokenizationing arbitrary assets. The transaction channel is built on the GVM matrix and intermediate states.


  • Separation of abstraction GVM from chains of blocks and states.
  • VM can be significantly accelerated (including by switching to HW level).
  • The VM can store intermediate states of TR (unloading states in chains).
  • In GVM you can strictly write the owner’s account. Thus providing a mechanism for private ownership of warhead.
  • The GVM abstraction can simultaneously process TR from different warhead, providing an opportunity for effective exchange of values between warhead.

One channel of the transaction is built in opposition to another-from another warhead. Similar to transactions in accounting. thereby exchanging equivalent values. The equivalence of values is ensured by the common value system described through AlGas on GONT Tree.

10. Condition and microstate.

We are changing the concept of state in the warhead network. The condition becomes the “structure of the substance” stitched in GVM. The structure of the picture of the Mona Lisa (Sfumato “Sfumato” Leonardo da Vinci and the endless ontologichnost of the private features of the picture) becomes a condition maintained in warhead. This is equivalent to the work of the auction experts on authentication.

Only a few dedicated people on the basis of the maximum number of “mysteries” of the picture can develop affiliation (criterion of belonging to Leonardo).

The same fundamental principle can be used in Gont. But this state is stored through the GVM container, simultaneously becoming a convenient matrix for computation. Introduce the concept of gmatrix for such States.


If you know the whole “atomic structure” of the object, you are the owner in the eyes of others. “Atomic structure” is encoded through GVM, by mapping. Including GVM can be mapped itself to verify the integrity of the Oracle, for example.

11. EVM-centrism. The creation of new principles of freedom. Eliminate dependence on one chain. The product is getting over the chains. This significantly increases competition for the right to be warhead for the service. Model of “decentralization over decentralizing”.

12. Reputation and reputation restoration.

Two factors solve the reputation:

  • How much gas your services have been bought
  • How much you bought someone else’s gas.

The signature stack of your transactions. It is easy to trace all the activities of someone in GONT from the very beginning of the presence in GONT.

13. New levels of anonymity.

Gas stirring and impossibility of unambiguous tracing payments. The value has already been tested by the market on the coins Dash, Monero. Easy to enter such services as personal cryptography. The user can protect their transaction channels using personal cryptography, which only he and his subscribers know. For example, the Telegram protocol could be implemented on top of channels in GONT.

14. Hosting 2.0.

Hosting, combined with Blokchejnom. Value: We introduce a new generation of hosting.

15. Preservation of old values.

An important value is the immutability of the previous values of Ethereum developers on backward compatibility. At any given time we remain compatible with the familiar tools of the developer Ethereum. i.e We protect all previous investments of Ethereum users, but give them new opportunities.

16. Mezhblokchejn as a new spiral of the economy of exchange of arbitrary values.

The implementation of the Relay level can be different. Using the terms of Vitaly Buterina and Polkadot we can offer our implementation Mezhblokcheja.

17. Hardware-protected consensus.

With the help of microchips gont we protect the computational channels GVM from external interference. GONT protects the system from the mass deception of miners. And also significantly speeds up processing power. In fact GONT should give the world the most perfect consensus in the industry. Most likely, only when moving to the hardware level, adaptive consensus will work in full force and full-fledged mass services become possible. Therefore, hardware implementation is very important for GONT.

18. New system of motivation for independent suppliers.

MicroServices can easily find a suitable showcase, through which they can successfully sell themselves. Any unique knowledge. When a person sees a point for marketing, he is motivated to create and build new.

19. Compute and IoT distribution.

The GVM container is a distributed abstraction, which allows to build autonomous gont nodes of computation and to produce autonomous GONT controllers (for the car market, etc.).

The value of GONTt is the ability to implement IoT.

20. Piecewise Continuous technological matrix.

Solving the problem of lack of industries in kriptojekonomike. In the crypt there are no classical branches between which there is an exchange of resources and goods. The branches are replaced by microservices and unambiguously calculated ontological proximity of objects. Simplification of the Leontiev model. Industry by ontological proximity. Localization of calculations in the vicinity of the industry. As a result, GONT gives an opportunity to introduce a stable crypto economy and stablecoin.

21. USER specific services via ASIP-application specific technology.

An additional layer for hybridization services and expanding the transaction space.

22. Protection from economic groups of influence.

23. An endless growth model.

24. A new level of human freedom and meta-state. GONT Noosphere. 

“State over states” the notion of a state is becoming increasingly blurred and increasingly obremenjajushhim. An increasing number of services will go to GONT noosphere. A person can be in a state of “over states” in his daily activities (except for simple basic services such as food and medicine). A person is not tied to a particular state through taxes or any obligation. In fact, it will be a transition to complete human freedom as a conscious necessity.

GONT inherits the noosphere criteria from Vernadsky and implements them:

  • Human settlement of the whole planet.
  • Dramatic transformation of communication and exchange between different countries.
  • Strengthening ties, including political, between the states of the Earth.
  • The predominance of the geological role of man over other geological processes occurring in the biosphere.
  • Expanding the boundaries of the biosphere and entering space.
  • Opening of new sources of energy.
  • Equality of people of all races and religions.
  • Increasing the role of the masses in the resolution of issues and domestic policy.
  • Freedom of scientific thought and scientific search from pressure of religious, philosophical and political constructions and creation of conditions favorable for free scientific thought in public and state regime.
  • The rise of workers ‘ welfare. Creating a real opportunity to prevent malnutrition, hunger, poverty and the impact of disease.
  • Intelligent transformation of the primary nature of the Earth in order to make it able to satisfy all the material, aesthetic and spiritual needs of the numerically growing population.
  • The elimination of wars from the life of mankind.

25. Centr VS decentr. 

GONT should be decentralized, but integrity control can be centralized. In the case of global failures, recovery measures must be taken quickly. And centralization could be more effective. For example, access and certification of new blocks in fupe space can be centralized.

26. The value of GONT AlGas through the value of the warhead chain.

  • Warhead confirms the fact of the transaction
  • Warhead is a billing

This provides a new economy for services with a royalty calculation model. For example, for chip manufacturers and IP for chips.

Value: If you consider that the exact accounting royalty payments are now quite netrivialen, the Gont makes a revolution in the model royalty.

27. The second level of smart contracts.

  • Needed for the technical implementation of the AlGas economy.

We can not count the number of MOV operations on a Windows machine and take money for it. This will instantly destroy the entire system of transaction checks in Blokchejne. For real billing you need to climb to the level above. To the level of macro smart contracts.

28. Pre-Compiled contracts VS byte code contracts.

Now only 4 contracts in EVM are pre-compiled. The remaining 5 mln. -are set by users in the Solidity language. In GONT, top-level contracts are pre-compiled in GVM. The second-level contract is created as usual.

The ratio of pre-compiled VS byte-code contracts will be more equal. It will also help to fight for the performance of the contract. Since pre-compiled contracts are more efficient.

29. Realizing the possibility of purchasing power parity between worlds.

30. Structuring of calculations in channels.

To prevent global computational chaos, you must immediately limit the computation space and then gradually expand it. This process is implemented through the fupe functional space.

Value: Through Gont the paradigm of reliability and stability of warhead is realized.

Thank you for your attention! See you in the next articles.
A. Hakamoto 

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