Fundamentals of Gont Economy

Talk about the Gont economy? This article tells about its basics.

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Do you want to know more about the GONT economy? This article tells about its basics.

Economy objects GONT [GONT = Global ontologies]

1. AlGas = [Cosmic Rays] = alternative gas (alternative gas from Ethereum, which is described here:

Gas GONT, which was produced by the emergence of new services and injection meanings in GONT Space.

2. Geiger Counters-Geiger Counters

  • Meters for calculating gas consumption

GONT Space is needed including for correct accounting of gas consumption.

3. TR and TR (TR)-Transactions

  • TR and nested TR
  • The basis of the produced work and monetary equivalent

4. Atoms-GONT Procs

  • GONT processors that execute service transactions

5. PROC FAB-Crystal grate processors can be very much and they form a kind of crystal lattice when combined in factories.

6. Mining

7. God given models

  • Evolution Models
  • Transaction execution sequences in services. determined by life. For example, the chain of “evolution” for service elections:

{Registration-voting-signature} = Evolution of transactions entering a new service into the economy and encouraging to earnings:

1) The user comes up with a new service and the meaning of the service.

2) User injects meaning (all knowledge of the service) in Gont Space Tree.

3) The processor is automatically assembled and the gas consumption is calibrated. 

The meaning of calibration is to understand how much electricity will burn about one new gas transaction and calculate its cost before it is implemented into services. Geiger counters will keep records of gas consumption in the process of service operation based on data from processors.

  • LOG information and statistics of execution of all instructions
  • TRACE-Transaction Execution data

Txfee calculation you need to understand how much money to take from users of services. Accurate calculation of gas consumption is conducted by Geiger counters (Geiger counter)-on nodes PROC FAB. Further revenue from transactions is distributed in proportions.

1) The owner of the IP gas appeared in connection with the introduction of wound gas in GONT.

2) Node Holder factory holder with processors. It’s probably a data center.

3) The owner of the service is the one who provides the service to the end customers.


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