Multidimensional management of anonymous personalities

In this article we talk about 3d-IDM.

Greetings, colleagues!
Let’s talk about 3d-IDM?

In Crypto world we can not know anything (personal) about the person who works with GONT. But we can build a model of his thoughts. A peculiar “virtual brain” anonymous.

Let’s introduce the following:

DB = Digital Brain
DB is also built on GONT Tree.
DB consists of groups of planes on the GONT Tree and each plane is displayed on the cloud from GVM cores.

Any user (not only the user GONT, but in general any service) can be displayed on the cloud GVM kernels. Based on different BigData sets. 


On layers of Digital brains you can build a really impersonal (NoName) Google. We’re going through Kriptomir we’re leaving Big Brother in global search. In real GONT Tree Digital brains will be public and anonymous (only display on blockchain-address as ID).

Thank you for your attention! See you in the next articles. 
A. Hakamoto

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