ALGas, transactionality and causes of GONT growth 

We continue to talk about the Gont economy. Below we tell about ALGas, transactional and growth factors of blockchain platform Gont.

Welcome to our blog! We continue to talk about the GONT economy. Below you will find information about ALGas, transactional and growth factors of blockchain platform GONT.

Let’s have a look on two worlds: World A and World B.

  • World A – usual world with real cost of services and presence of practical stablecoin (dollar).
  • World B – Crypto world with the dominance of ether and Bitcoin (in 2018).

Now in the world there is no economic model Keynesianism, the model of growth von Neumann… nothing. 

The practical economy of the world B is based solely on speculation.

Attack of the mediator is possible only at the border of the transition of values world A – world B (in gateways). 

Conditionally the number of transactions in the world A and B now:

World B (Crypt) is still very weak.
World B uses a weak transaction model.

After entering the economy gont situation inverted: the criterion of absence of necessity for the transition to the world a (from Mir b) for economic activity:

  • Many services
  • Fair cost of services
  • Purchasing power parity with the world A and these tasks solves GONT!

Important conclusion:

With sufficient degree of localization of economic activity in the World B, “Attack of the mediator” will be impossible. For example, any state will lose control mechanisms for the exchange of values (any).

Space autonomous economies in general, a new picture of the world can be imagined as follows: There is a filling world a and autonomous (GONT-based) economy of the world B. From the point of view of globality of GONT (beginning of a period of domination of the World B), it is necessary:

  • Maximally large FUPE space of elementary works (that will generate all new microservices and services).
  • Largest stack of currencies.

GONT should stir the economy from different Blokchejnov by displaying them on AlGas with real cost (based on FUPE). In this case, Mir B can become a closed economy and do not need further in the world a (except for rare cases of crossing, such as a trip to a doctor or a shop).

A huge number of high-value-added services can be fully localized in world B. AlGas gives an opportunity to build channels of exchange of values “under the level” of ordinary cryptocurrency and protects World B from the mediator’s attacks.


Two crypts of the bank: AlGas is a channel of exchange of values “under the crypt” and completely inaccessible for “world a”.

Conclusion: GONT protects the crypto world from mediation attacks.

The levers of growth GONT

Three main levers of kanteconomy growth:

  • FUPE
  • Services
  • AlGas

The higher the “power” of fupe space, the greater the growth of Kanteconomy. The greater the number of services, the higher the growth of Kanteconomy. The higher the transactional AlGas (at the expense of hybridization, etc.), the higher the growth of Kanteconomy.

What to do to increase FUPE? 

  • Attract more and more developers of high-quality computing IP.
  • GONT gives a new royalty collection model for such developers.

What to do to grow services?

  • Inventing more usage patterns.
  • Strengthen the capacity of microservices in KRAUDNYH services.

What to do to grow the flow of AlGas?

  • Strengthen hybridization services (hybrid Value chains).
  • To strengthen semantic search on the meaning of microservices.
  • Build LEGO service designers.

Cumulative growth as a set of factor growth.

What makes the GONT economy full?

1) Costing mechanism based on work-through Fupe and AlGas.

2) Availability of feedback (PID) on the issue.

3) A system of full description of the meaning of economic entities (Gont Tree).

4) system of accounting of all transactions with consensus (Gont-blockchain).

5) Mechanism of stabilization of exchange rate (Stablecoin).

6) Deregulation mechanism (protection against “mediator attack”).

7) Mechanism of description of contracts between services (Gont smart Contracts). 

8) mechanism of private ownership on blokchejne (through generation of GVM).

9) Decentralized mechanism of “money”.
The money in Gont means any cryptocurrency that is displayed on the cost of service calculated in AlGas. What should the user do to join the Gont economy?


  • Generate a showcase of your service
  • Create gas (AlGas) service
  • Publish your gas on the stock exchange

Maximum (full-fledged business):

  • Buy foreign gas and invent a new hybrid gas
  • Inventing new Fupe blocks

Thank you for your attention! Success!
A. Hakamoto

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