Protected data of GONT containers

In this article, consider the value of protecting information in Gont. Enjoy reading!

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In this article we are talking about the value of protecting information in Gont. Enjoy reading!

The development of this technology Gont is conducted in two directions:

  • Strengthening traditional cryptography

In the traditional GVM we add a special “obfuscation function” in order to make the hacking of data in the container beyond the finite time impossible for any level of hackers. As a result, we get secured GVM (SGVM). For security we introduce a special container with a special system of mutation of information (function obfuscation and untangling). 

  • Displaying the Data Warehouse on ontology

Instead of using relational databases with familiar indexing, you can display data on the ontology Gont Tree and make it part of a global consensus. And it will also implement SQL, similar to container query language (see below). 

Example: Patient card storage for an arbitrary hospital.

Must be implemented as a protected container.

The patient’s map. The local card store. Hierarchically extensible. 

Displaying the patient’s card on the Gont Tree ontology:

The overall structure of the card: we need to build a local card store to start.

  • The cards are stored locally.
  • The cards are stored on the hospital’s server.
  • The cards are stored in the cloud.
  • The cards are stored in blokchejne.

All data synchronized in different repositories. Locally in the hospital, data may not be stored in gont format.

Data storage logic:

All blocks work on an append principle.

In the visits sections, the offsets in the BIN (data) are stored.

The visit sections consist of codes for building a tree of cards.

One visit = one handler in the GVM core Gont. 

OP3 = {Analysis, complaint, conclusion..}

decoded OPCODE reception.

In the CHESS_INSTR handler, you run the decoding of all N codes.
All N codes opcode_priem = 0000000; Just parse Op1, OP2, op3 and form a string for the tree. For example: Cabinet 1/ANALIZ1 the contents of the analysis (TXT header) are already in the BIN of a large file. i.e In this scheme, GVM is run from the CHESS handler.

The lines are then displayed in the Reception tree window. 

By analogy:

Replace the arrow with a cross-“expand the line next..”  To implement this prototype, you need to finish debugging the GVM service processor. ASSIST for text generation: In the patient card we will store both entities for reliability. Although they duplicate each other.

Table of patients. Simplified version.

Display on Gont Tree:

It is possible that all 64 bits must be used for full identification. Implementing the query Select all patients with the year of birth N. You need to make a separate GVM, which in chess_instr for the Opcode clinic will accumulate data. In fact, a separate request = a new GVM, sharpened under the request.

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