Kanteconomy – an example of a complex FUPE block

Today we continue the topic of Kantonomiki and consider in the article a complex fupe block.

Greetings, dear readers! Today we continue the topic of Kanteconomy and consider in the article a complex FUPE block.
Consider a real complex FUPE block, which is much more complicated than a simple ALU block (also fupe block).
Consider TPM with enhanced protection (top level architecture). Based on these fupe, users will be able to build their private cryptography for their secure communication channels. There is an infinite number of fupe blocks that can potentially be working engines in Gont. 

Gont Fupe IP-block Proposal IP block consists of hardware part and sewn in the cryptographic code ROM. The cryptographic code can be developed independently of the hardware part. Thus, the cryptographic algorithm is used by the customer regardless of the hardware part development.

Based on the cryptographic processor, you can subsequently develop smart cards and other secure devices, as well as build over-protected private channels of information exchange in Gont.


The code ROM contains the ID to verify the digital signature and the individual keys of the device owner (can be multiple keys). The output of the crypto processor is one example of the space Fupe blocks (elementary evaluators) for Gont. 

FUPE space is also ontological. The evaluators inside the calculators also have their own address.

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A. Hakamoto 

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