Mechanics of launching of service

Let's talk about the mechanics of running services in Gont. Let's tell you what is whitefish and how to use it properly.

Hello world! Today we will talk about the mechanics of launching services in Gont. Let’s tell you what is whitefish and how to use it properly.

How will the Sig market be formed?

Sig (from service signature) is a top-level contract, which is constantly “advancing” (signed by the new “passed” program of the contract meanings) as the “promotion” of the service on the states described on Gont Tree.

It is also possible to say that whitefish is a formal entry of Value Chain in the form of already passed by service instructions-transactions.

We have already introduced the sub-NODE-S layer.

Any sub-NODE-S can start the service execution for any new user.

If Sig has not fully completed the service, it must be stored in the blockchain chain before the service is resumed. In this way, whitefish extends the status of a specific account associated with the service.

Sig becomes the value of the register and the package, i.e. Just a part of the state (as the number of tokens in Ethereum).

Sig should be stored as part of the World State in blockchain.

Also, any user should be able to download “his” current sergals for independent verification of the passage of the service (for example, very relevant in the services of type “election”).


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