GONT for justice!

Hello! I’m Ilya from GONT – a blockbuster platform for honest distribution of revenues from digital assets.  Let’s talk about the greatest Internet companies of our time such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Look at the numbers:

Revenue Google – $ 25 billion, works – 57 thousand people.
Revenues Facebook $ 30 billion, works – 6 thousand people.

See how they work, what their offices look like. Do you really think it’s effective? I was engaged in real business and I understand that to so chic and work in such a relaxation you need to have a lot of margin. Very, very much margin.

Let’s see where these companies have so much money? Of course you will say – innovation, they change the world, create useful services. But where did the money come from?

Everything is corny – selling advertising. Due to what they all have the opportunity to sell as many ads?

Everything is simple – due to the fact that you – you are people-experts in your field, create content, it is claimed, visitors come to it, and these companies place advertisements on hundreds of billions on your content pages.

Okay, this is just a good business. But what do you get from this as creators of content? Search Google searches for YOUR sites and pages. Facebook sells YOUR notes and news, instagram – YOUR photos and videos, twitter – your articles. Do not be you with a huge amount of content will not be them. You are their advertising platform. And what do YOU ​​get from selling ads on your content? Likes and reposts? Excellent. And they receive hundreds of billions of dollars.

“Forbes of the owners of great online companies”

I’m not saying that work to provide quality search, interfaces for the publication of text and photos is not an added value. But in my opinion this cost is greatly overstated. And the value of the content being created is greatly underestimated. Great Internet companies create a wrapper. And you create sweets. They serve your content and can not exist without you.


believe that great Internet companies should fairly share profits with advertising revenue with those who create content.

For 3 minutes I’ll try to tell you how to change the world with the help of the GONT platform.

GONT is a global hypermarket of digital content created by people and companies with a transparent economic ecosystem and the protection of private property.

This means that ordinary users, developers and experts can use their simple interface to upload their digital assets to Global Ontology and are guaranteed to receive remuneration when using third-party services within GONT or outside its framework (off-line digital assets showcases).

For example, when using digital assets as a tool to attract traffic and then monetize it through advertising. 

The name GONT stands for Global Ontology and this is the fork of the Ethereum blockbuster network. GONT’s technological innovations, such as the global ontology of digital assets, alternative service gas and service encapsulation inside the virtual machine, make it possible to implement this task.

In other words, we invented the mechanism of building the Global Ontology tree of digital user assets and an innovative way to monetize these assets through the introduction of the principle of Alternative Service Gas.

Also we offer a insanely protected container for protecting digital assets – a software virtual machine for every digital asset. And this is a revolution in the decentralization of the world. Each created digital asset is placed by the owner in the container of a separate virtual machine – it is an analog of a software microprocessor that protects it from direct copying. A digital asset has its own cost of use, which is specified by the owner of the asset.

To indicate the cost of using a digital asset, we introduce the concept of service Gas. The amount of consumed service gas when using a digital asset is calculated automatically when it is used by any service. And the owner of the digital asset due to the service gas receives his reward.

The GONT platform itself is decentralized and does not have an owner. The base platform modules that receive their gas for ensuring the overall operability of the GONT platform can be created by any developers and will compete with each other, which will not allow the services with a supermarket to appear.

Our dream is that GONT should make the world fairer in the distribution of the reward from the creation of digital assets. We dream that the balance should not shift towards one or another company or person, but be fair.

Help us to make the world fairer, share this article. Help to approximate the time for a fair distribution of profits from digital values. It depends on each of us.

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