What is GONT?

Do you want to know what is GONT? Then read today’s article!

Hello everyone! We have already spoken about GONT. We told you why GONT, how the technology functions, we told you about its advantages and how it solves one of the fundamental problems of the blockchain. But we never told you why the project is called GONT. Therefore, today we answer the most popular question, we talk about the tree of ontologies and explain why the project is called that way.

GONT – Global ontological space

The answer to one of the most frequently asked questions is actually very simple. GONT literally stands for “global ontological space”. Hence the name of the project:

                                        GONT: Global Ontology

The GONT approach initially implies the systematization of all digital values ​​(primarily digital values ​​such as Knowledge) into a single global ontology. Global Ontology expands the application of knowledge, due to their systematization in specific areas. The Ontology tree allows you to define specific rules for creating and using digital values ​​tied to different nodes of the tree.

Such systematization allows using structured knowledge for training neural networks and creating automatic expert systems that level the human factor in the analysis and generation of solutions.

The placement of digital values ​​in the ontology tree does not just extend the possibilities of their application, but it also makes it easier to find them, which leads to an increase in the number of uses, and is beneficial to the owner of digital value. However, binding of your digital values ​​to the nodes of the ontology tree is not necessary. They can simply be placed on the node of the tree “Unsharp”.

GONT describes all the entities and events in the world in a structured way.

This structure is subsequently imposed in a “soft” way for use in all services (for example, the “Elections” service).

The structure is needed to prevent the global blockchain from “swamping” with non-structural transactions from private services from all those wishing to use it. This structure is also needed for the generation of hardware and software processors, serving the transactions of new services.

In fact, GONT gives the user a convenient gateway for using global blockchain in projects where there are so many transactions. You can easily serve projects where there is a billion transactions per day. And all of them will fall into the decentralized environment of the detachment.

GONT introduces the concept of an alternative gas – AlGas, which is structurally much “richer” than global blockchain gas, because it is filled with transactions from global space (any user can expand it), and not just an elementary set of instructions.

All AlGas transactions are calibrated based on the consumption of electricity and generate revenue for their creators through the consumption of global gas in different projects.

GONT itself is endless.
GONT can contain a minimum (2 ^ 64) to the power (2 ^ 64) of the node.
During the life of the universe, GONT can not exhaust itself.

The notion of structured ontologies

The injection of new knowledge into GONT Tree takes place according to the structural rules. In fact, according to the rules of the new language, which will not allow breaking the structural integrity of GONT Tree.

Any user from a lawyer to a script writer can easily fill his allocated cell space GONT.

For mass market capture it is necessary to operate with macro-blocks of ontologies. Otherwise, all processes will get stuck in routine work.

Optimal for working with GONT Tree is also to enter a separate macro language.


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