GONT: "Crowd service" and "Crowd-support"

Hello! I'm Ilya from GONT.IO Today I'll talk about the first usecases – specific applications of the GONT platform for solving problems in real life. The development of modern technologies introduces new concepts. There were services, there were cloud services. There was a Funding and investment projects – they were developed in crowdining and crowd-investing. GONT, in turn, introduces a new concept of "CRAUD-SERVICE".   Crowd service is a service without a single owner or center, it is a service in which the digital values ​​used have many private owners, and the service itself functions and develops thanks to automated rules. Simply imagine a search for Google, in which the revenue from the display of advertising for a specific request was distributed between the site owners in the top-10 issuance, between the creators of the search algorithm and the hosts of the search engine servers. However, we have not yet rushed to our search and the first application, the first Joneskey GONT will do a little easier. We will create the first cracks service to solve the pain of technical support for large software solutions. Let me remind you that GONT is a block-based platform created as fork Ethereum, which implements 3 basic principles of crow-services:

  1. The creation of a decentralized repository of digital values, which we called Global Ontology
  2. Entering the concept of alternative service gas, which enables you to automatically reward owners of digital values
  3. The mechanism of binary protection of digital values ​​from copying, by placing them in a virtual machine container

Let's return to the road-service tech support. The working name inside the command of this service is crowdsupport. What is the pain of the current centralized technical support services? Remember yourself, when you had a problem with windows or macOS you were strongly helped by their question / answer database? And how quickly did the technical support operators answer non-standard questions? Have you ever used Adobe's support to learn how to increase the sharpness of photos in photoshop or use the after effects keynote to replace the background with the video? Personally, like most of my acquaintances, this experience with technical support of such companies is very negative. For the most part I was helped by clips on youtube, recorded by specific users-enthusiasts who faced a problem similar to mine. Why is this happening? Companies simply can not describe all possible problems, errors, functions, hidden functions of their programs due to the fact that they are greatly expanding in the development process. A program also has a versioning and each version is different from the other. The description of all possible problems and solution is a very multidimensional big task. For a centralized world, the creation of a really insanely fast support and a superquality database of questions of answers is practically an impossible task. However, if it is properly decentralized, intelligently motivate all participants – then it can be solved. Crowd support, this is the GONT crowd service, which allows you to monetize the knowledge and skills of ordinary users, programmers, image recognition professionals, in order to dramatically improve the technical support of many companies. What can ordinary people do that have expertise in any area of ​​technical support for any service:

  • Create and download in GONT quality solutions to any problems that are set by the technical support of any service
  • Assign your price for using the created value (your service gas)
  • Put your digital value in the virtual machine's container to protect it

Programmers can upload to GONT their algorithms for searching the knowledge base, assigning their gas and protecting them. Image recognition specialists will be able to create their algorithms for recognizing screenshots of screens with problems so that the user does not need to describe the problem and it was enough just to make and send a screenshot. What we get: an infinite number of technical support specialists who will describe all possible problems and do it more qualitatively, because they will earn when using them. The opportunity for companies to integrate these answers into their current support systems, in their chat robots, to instantly respond to customers and give them the best solutions to their issues. The showcase of a crowd-support can be a search engine for questions of answers (for example, similar to the service "answers" mail.ru), c posted advertising, the revenue from which will come not to the creator of the showcase, but to the creators of digital values ​​and search engines that people use. Also, the owner of the services themselves will be able to integrate GONT digital values ​​into their current FAQs and support systems and pay gas to the owners of digital values, for example, if the answer gets a good rating when viewed inside their system. And thanks to the technology of blocking the alternative service gas, all these processes will be absolutely transparent to the owners of digital assets. But you can use this approach much more – imagine medical systems, education, journalism – everywhere there are experts who can create digital value, protect and monetize it without intermediaries. This is a completely new paradigm, which not only more equitably distributes the reward but also improves the quality of examinations. Figures look at the amount of traffic generated by the answers to the questions: Replies mail.ru and world analogue answers yahoo.com As a result, we get a revolutionary new economic model of crowds-services, which do not get rich direct market, cashing in on traders, and more earn those, who create the most valuable digital values! Our dream is that GONT should make the world fairer in the distribution of the reward from the creation of digital assets. We dream that the balance should not shift towards one or another company or person, but be fair. Help us make the world fairer, share this article with your subscribers or friends. Help to approximate the time for a fair distribution of profits from digital values. It depends on each of us. Ph.D., Ilya Timoshin CEO of GONT.IO

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