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In today’s traditional digest – a “universal protocol”, a blockchain platform for Korean banks, hackers and other events of the crypto-world.

In today’s traditional digest – a “universal protocol”, a blockchain platform for Korean banks, hackers and much more. Have a productive reading!

Universal Protocol from JavaScript Creator

JavaScript’s creator and co-founder of Brave Brendan Eich is planning on joining a collaborative effort called Universal Protocol Platform (UP) to create a protocol for all cryptocurrencies. The UP platform is working with “proxy” tokens, which is a digital representation of a digital asset. It can represent Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many different digital assets living on any number of blockchains. The point is to host a common universal token allowing for distinct blockchains and token-based projects to interact freely and without friction with each other.

The early days of the interent were very similar to the world of blockchain today, with many different technology platforms fragmented and incapable of communicating with one other. We believe that the Universal Protocol Platform is a technology that has the potential to connect blockchain technologies, much like the breakthrough of the TCP and IP protocols that drove the internet towards mass adoption.

Samsung SDS announced the blockchain-system BankSign

Samsung SDS has announced the completion of the development of BankSign, its blockchain-based co-verification system for banks, for the Korea Federation of Banks.

The development of “BankSign” marks another step by Samsung into the blockchain world. Samsung SDS launched Nexledger, a blockchain platform with real-time mass transaction processing and smart contract capabilities and a management monitoring system. Samsung SDS has also been consistently engaging in global collaborative research for the development of blockchain technology.

Until now, banking customers have had to go through the inconvenient process of renewing their digital certificate every year for each bank whose mobile banking they use. BankSign makes it easy for customers to access the banking services of multiple banks at once.

The Brazilian crypto platform Atlas was hacked

Another hacker attack. This time suffered a popular Brazilian cryptocurrency investment platform Atlas. The company claims users’ funds are safe, the personal information of over 264,000 of its customers has been leaked.

We would like to point out that this wasn’t a bitcoin theft or a violation of our accounts in the exchanges. However, our customer base was exposed. At the time of the incident, we took immediate steps to protect the database and [the] passwords and private keys are encrypted.

NiceHash returns 60% of coins stolen in the hack

And here is the good news, as opposed to the previous one. Slovenia-based crypto-mining pool Nicehash has managed to return 60 percent of about 4,700 bitcoins (BTC) stolen in a hacking attack last year. The missing cryptocurrency was valued at approximately 56 million EUR (~$65 million USD).

Information gathering and other activities are still underway and carried out with the help of international legal collaboration.

Crypto Exchange Huobi SeeksTo Buy 77% of A Hong Kong-Listed Company Via Reverse Takeover

The Singapore-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has acquired 73.73% stake in a Hong Kong-based public limited company Pantronics Holdings, the manufacturer of power-related electrical and electronic products. The deal is valued at a total of $77 million. The move could help Huobi to go public via a reverse initial public offering (IPO) or a reverse takeover (a takeover of a public company by a private company).

No official announcement of the deal has been made yet by either of the companies. Huobi is reportedly waiting for the confirmation and approval from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


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