GONT: Application in the Real World

Hello! In this article I wanted to talk about the blocking platform GONT in terms of its real application for the Internet business and the real sector. As the new digital opportunities that will become available with the advent of the GONT platform, will help increase companies' capitalization and manufacturability for better results, and ordinary people integrate into this process and earn with the companies.

Analogy with the real world 

Imagine that you see NIKE AIR JORDAN V sneakers on the shelf. In order for them to find someone to design their design, someone made leather and fabric manufacture, someone made the rubber for the sole, someone ran the conveyor where they were put together , someone brought to the store and someone put it on the shelf. Imagine that sneakers are a product, the work needed for their production and delivery is micro services, the materials from which they are produced are digital assets. Now that such sneakers are on the shelf of the store, we first pay for materials and work for suppliers and then wait for them to buy and we were able to repay the costs.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to pay for materials and work only when someone buys sneakers. Imagine how much easier it would be for you to open a store and fill it with goods. But in our world this is impossible, because the production of each pair of shoes is a significant supplier costs, as well as for reasons of lack of transparency in the actual sales of the store.

However, in the world of digital values ​​that are created once and can be used endlessly ripe for the opportunity to revolutionize this approach. This will become possible with the advent of the GONT platform.

What is the GONT platform?


The GONT platform is a HYPERMARKET of digital values: digital assets, microservices (semi-finished products) and services (products) created by people or companies

The GONT platform provides an opportunity for the emergence of new types of Services using digital assets and micro services of other owners, which are rewarded from the result of the service.

The economy of digital values ​​in GONT is transparent to all participants, thanks to the blocking of consensus, and the digital values ​​themselves are protected by separate binary virtual machines, which protects digital values ​​from copying


What are digital values ​​of GONT: digital Assets, Mikroservices and Services.

  Let's look at examples of digital GONT Assets

Photo content and images: digital photo, collages, processed, photo-relevant values ​​- for example, marking images with senses for their high-quality search

Video content: Video fragments, podcasts, films, semantic descriptions, markup with meanings

Audio content: Music, sounds, ringtones, etc.

Algorithms: encryption, processing, compression, transmission, coding, searching, etc.

Knowledge: Articles, descriptions of objects or terms, examples, question-answer, sammari / synopsis of large text, mix of different types of assets (picture of car damage with a list of damages and repair costs, meaningful table of contents for video or article, explicit and hidden meanings of media- content)

Data: audience groups, cookies with meanings, chess games, definitions, locations with addresses for delivery / rent / sale / filming, marketing research

GONT micro services (digital semi-finished products), examples:

CMS (Content Management System)

CRM (customer relationship management systems)

Database with a search on it

Trained on a given topic neuronet with interaction interface

Hosting of digital assets

When adding a new digital asset or micro service to GONT, a separate virtual machine is created for it, which makes it possible to protect this asset from copying and produces a separate service gas with the price set by the owner of the asset. Such Alternative Gas makes it possible to automatically take into account its use by GONT participants and reward the owner.

GONT services (end products), examples:

E-commerce sector

Online store: uses photos and descriptions, search algorithms, CMS as digital assets or micro services GONT. This means that if you decide to create an online store, you do not need to immediately pay for cloud hosting or hosting, or immediately buy photos for a photobank or pay a copywriter for writing descriptions. You collect your store from ready-made digital assets and pay only when traffic appears on your site.

Online consultant: a database of answer questions for your robotic online consultant or a neural network that can respond intelligently, can also be a microservice and used by your online consultant for answers to the client. And you will pay for such a microservice GONT if a real customer asked a specific question on the site.

Services for insurance companies, appraisers, experts

Insurance companies suffer huge costs for expert assessment of damage in case of accidents. However, millions of people around the world can become providers of expert information if I upload photos and subsequent costing of repairs to GONT with a list of damages in the form of digital assets. And with the help of a micro service, it is possible to create a global neural network, trained on these data, in order to assess the damage on the photos sent by the client from the place of the crash. This is a super-demanded service for insurance companies, which will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Only in Moscow there are 10 thousand minor accidents every day. During the year, one can accumulate a very serious basis for training a neural network to solve similar expert, evaluation tasks: damage assessment, valuation of movable and immovable property, and so on.

Marketing, PR, Advertising

Marketing agencies, among other things, conduct surveys and marketing research for their clients. The cost of such studies because of the need to collect the focus of the group to a certain audience is quite high. In a trusted environment, GONT will be able to buy ready-made audiences, consonants to preempt their opinions as a microservice, and filled in data about themselves as consumers of services and products as digital assets. Because of the reduction in the cost of such research, marketing agencies will be able to expand focus groups, reduce the timing of surveys and statistics collection at times. As well as lower the final price. It is possible that part of the company's research will be able to conduct itself through a simple assembly of Mikroservice polls among the right audience that has been formed into digital acts. This means that ordinary people can earn both for their opinion in conducting research and for using their completed data if they are included in the commercial marketing research.

Advertising agencies are racking their brains how to find the right target audience for advertising. Online targeting of target audiences with the advent of GONT will become easier, because there will be audiences ready to provide themselves as a microservice for displaying targeted advertising and they will earn on it. Targeting – the main task of online marketing in recent years. Actual data about users, their interests, opinions, places of visits is the main objective for increasing the effectiveness of advertising while reducing its cost for companies. And this is nothing more than a valuable digital asset, the owner of which must earn. It is likely that companies can themselves in the simple interface of GONT's targeting services to find the auditorium in two clicks and place advertising there without commission of a third party. As a result, the added value of advertising will not be received by advertising agencies but by the people themselves who are watching this targeted advertisement.

Media content providers

Here everything is simple: Photobank, Videobank, Audiobank – this is an established online business. Through GONT, the sale of photos as a digital asset, and a photo editor or photo filter as a microservice. The amount of media content generated by ordinary people has been multiplying over the past few years, with the growth of smartphone penetration capable of making high-quality video and photos. The problem of monetizing these values ​​through the photos and video banks is that they take up to 90% of commission on sale, and the photographer receives almost nothing. At the same time, there is no available tool for monetizing authoring methods for processing media content.




Market capacity: $ 4B

Growth Opportunity: $ 8B

Capitalization of services in tech. 5 years: $ 40B

Training and training centers, private coaching, foreign languages, electronic universities, intellectual property and expertise

Content that sells online shops of courses and trainings (sector of information business): courses, trainings, question-and-answer database on the topic, FAQ – all content can be issued as digital asset GONT. The problems of modern infobusiness are illegal copying and illegal resale of content. Due to copying and the inability to control illegal use, the cost per unit of paid content can be quite high. With an understandable mechanism for asset protection and automatic control of use with the owner's reward, the cost in use can be reduced many times, and the owner of the asset will earn more.

Protection, encryption, transmission of information

There are many private developers offering their methods of processing information: encryption, transmission, compression and so on. Having formalized their methods as microservices, they can get a market for many online services – virtual wallets, online exchanges: wherever high data security is required. For example, imagine such a purse for crypto currency, which at each exit of the user encodes the keys by randomly chosen author's method of encryption. And every time you use this or that technique, the author gets his commission.

In the future, current services from the real world can start using GONT services as complementary to the main business with new functions, and subsequently there will appear crowdservices originally based on the digital values ​​of GONT.

Capitalization of block platforms

Examples of development and capitalization of similar platforms of the previous generation:

The growth of popularity and capitalization of new block platforms shows their relevance for application in real business. However, only GONT went the farthest, introducing the concept of alternative service gas in conjunction with the global ontology of knowledge.

GONT Capitalization Plan:

How the investor earns: 

Token sale

Capitalization of the platform = increase in the cost of tokens. The investor buys tokens in private sale at a discount. After each step, the roadmap investor has the opportunity to sell tokens by increasing the invested funds.


The basic KANT platform service serves the plaformom and receives a commission from each transaction. Share in the equity of the company = share in KANT.

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Ilya Timoshin

Co-founder & CEO GONT



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