Briefly and simply about GONT

Briefly and simply about GONT technology in today’s article.

Hello everyone! In today’s article we are talking about GONT technology in a brief and simple way. Have a productive reading!

We are creating a new blockchain platform for decentralized services that will use the digital values ​​of ordinary people and pay them for it!

Of course you have some doubts – “one more blockchain platform, oh no, not that!”

Give me a couple of minutes, I’ll make it clear for you.

Despite numerous attempts, the blockchain platform, which would provide a sufficiently favorable economic and technical environment for the operation of serious commercial decentralized services and applications (we do not count CryptoKitty), wasn’t created yet.

To do this, you should meet at least the following conditions:

1. Cheap, price-forecasted transactions within the network.
Because you can not build a business without planning the cost price.

2. Professional and stable quality of computing.
Without a guarantee of stable quality of services, it is impossible to build serious services.

3. High speed of calculations and execution of transactions.
Services on the blockchain should work quickly, comparable in speed with centralized cloud services. Otherwise, they simply will not stand the competition with them, despite all the advantages.

4. A simple mechanism for monetizing digital values ​​to fill the ontology of the platform with the knowledge of ordinary users.
To attract ordinary users to the platform, it is necessary to create a simple mechanism for monetizing their digital values.

There is no platform that takes into account all these tasks simultaneously, so there is a place in the market for creating a new platform.

Our platform is called GONT!

And our platform allows you to consider all 4 conditions for the appearance of decentralized services that use the digital values ​​of ordinary users:

1. The price of transactions.
With the entry of mainnet, GONT will use StableCoin for the interior economy. StableCoin can be bought at a fixed rate, also its price is tied to the average cost of electricity. A stable course will allow the services to forecast their prime cost and adhere to a stable pricing policy for users.

2. The quality of calculations.
GONT implements a new principle of computing in distributed data centers, through specific virtual and FPGA-processors, “sharpened” for specific services.

3. The speed of work.
GONT creates a new type of virtual machine for blockchain-network – the world’s first multi-core virtual machine for blockchain platforms! Each core of a virtual machine is a container for storing a digital value or service. To implement such a virtual machine, we use technologies at the junction of blockchain and microchips.

Thanks to the built-in compiler, the core of the virtual machine can be converted by the user into the firmware for the FPGA board, which will allow the service to be fantastically speeded up for blockchain and protect digital values ​​by encryption, which will not affect the speed of access to it.

4. Monetization of digital values.
GONT allows ordinary users and businesses to load their knowledge, programs, calculations, services and other digital values ​​into the global ontology of GONT.

Each digital value or a combination thereof is placed in a separate core of the common virtual machine of the GONT platform and, if used by third-party services, the core owner receives his commission through an alternative Gas, the parameters of which are determined by the user when compiling the core. The core starts to run, the gas decreases, miner, which provides the calculation, receives his commission, the core owner and the base platform service module that monitors the network integrity, gas consumption and the interaction of the virtual machine cores.

Believe me, GONT is really cool! Read more about the GONT platform in our WhitePaper.

Thank you for attention! Stay in touch.
Ph.D., Ilya Timoshin (Dr. ILYA TIMOSHIN)


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