Top 5 news of the blockchain industry

Greetings, friends! In today’s digest – Iconloop launches ‘ICON Development Network’ on Amazon web services marketplace, Hong Kong’s 2nd largest terminal operator adopts blockchain to document logistics data, Nasdaq plans to launch bitcoin futures contracts by early 2019, Bulgarian authorities arrest three suspects over alleged crypto theft worth $5 million and Vitalik Buterin about misapplication of blockchain. Continue reading “Top 5 news of the blockchain industry”

Top 5 news of the blockchain industry

Greetings! In today’s digest – Santander and BBVA to join EU blockchain platform, blockchain quality management system pilot completed by Swiss federal railway, John McAfee is the most influential crypto trading figure, multi-trillion dollar idea, Singapore to offer seed funding to enterprises to boost blockchain adoption.  Continue reading “Top 5 news of the blockchain industry”

GONT approach

Are you ready to learn even more about GONT? Do you want to know what is so unique about the project? Then read the article!

Greetings, dear readers of our blog! In today’s article we will tell you about our business and technology value proposition. You will learn how, why and when you can monetize it. We will also reveal our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will talk about our clients and competitors, pathways to productization and scalability of specific GONT solutions and targeted stakeholders. Enjoy!  Continue reading “GONT approach”