How is GONT different from TON? Will Telegram come to the idea of a service gas? Find answers to these questions in today’s article.

Hello everyone! Today we are talking about the features and differences of the GONT and TON (Telegram Open Network) platforms. We will tell you about the TON’s prerequisites for the creation and implementation of service gas and also what is so unique about GONT. Have a productive reading!

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ALTGAS showcase vol.2

Do you want to be the first on the moon? Read the continuation about the ALTGAS showcase in GONT!

Welcome to the pages of our blog, dear readers! Today we continue to talk about the ALTGas showcase. We will tell you everything about the architecture of the pre-launch of alternative gas in GONT. We also will talk about the limits of its applicability. Enjoy!

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ALTGAS showcase vol.1

Do you want to know everything, well, or almost everything about the ALGAs showcase in GONT? Then read today’s article and do not miss the next!

Hello! In this article we will disclose the theme of the AlGas showcase in GONT. We will talk about goals, the motivation of the selling showcase, the philosophy of Genesis gas and the phases of its implementation, we will also tell you about the environment of the service and examine in detail each type of GONT gas. To be continued!

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Classification of nodes in GONT

Today we are talking about nodes in GONT. We will tell you what it is and what types of nodes exist.

Hello everyone! In this article we are talking about the classification of GONT Tree oracle nodes. We will tell you about possible types of “knots”, how they function and also about their further development. Have a productive reading!

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Results of the week

Do you want to know how far GONT has advanced in the last week? How quickly do we develop and what goals have we achieved? Read the article and stay tuned.

Greetings, colleagues! We continue to tell you about the successes and achievements of the GONT project. Do you want to know what did we do with the team last week? Then read our brief review about key events of the week.

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